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  1. DavidHatton

    Belgian Dubbel Style with wyeast 1388

    Brewed my first attempt at Belgian beers with a Dubbel, brew day went good no slip ups. Cooled the wort down quickly and had it in the fermenter by 4pm, main point is fermented with wyeast belgian strong 1388. went down the cellar friday morn the next day, just to check, all is well, krausen and...
  2. DavidHatton

    No tools are kept in this van overnight

    Saw this story on sky's website, was actually checking to see if the world had come to an end because the pubs opened.
  3. DavidHatton


    Hi, Would like some advice, I am serving with a soda stream bottle and kegland regulator, no fridge, after serving, what is the best idea for the headspace left by pulling off your beer, I put some co2 in before I disconnected the gas. very new to kegging, all tips welcomed. Cheers.
  4. DavidHatton


    You brew one you get one free, Ah said, you brew one, you get the idea. Don't need any windows ont brewhouse as I brew outside thank you very much na BOGOF. Anyway, today I set out to do my first attempt at extracting two worts from the same grist, I brew on a BIAB system and normally get 70%...
  5. DavidHatton


    Going to brew a Wee Heavy on Saturday, 6.5kg grain bill, 15l finished batch size. going to try and get a second runnings from it, as I do BIAB total volume batch, got some two 20 litre pots from the wifes jam making, thinking I could do a second mash on the hob and dunk sparge in the second 20...
  6. DavidHatton


    Came across this on youtube, not alot of uploads, but I enjoyed watching them. Good one on St Austell brewery.
  7. DavidHatton

    How Tall are You.

    Not that it's Important to anything, just curious who the tallest forum member. then maybe a follow up with who has the biggest feet. Whimsical, I know, but wondered if anyone feels like they have gotten shorter during this recent time.
  8. DavidHatton

    warm fermentation

    Planning on doing a Kveik pale ale, my idea is to ferment either with the wort actually in the brew kettle as I have an ulwd element in the pot, as I want to use the kveik at the top end of its range around 38ish, alternatively I would make a water bath type thing, my false bottom sits above the...
  9. DavidHatton

    Fermenting Bucket tap thread size

    Just wanted to ask for some feedback regarding tap thread size, bought a fermenting bucket online and by mistake I asked for it to be drilled, the bucket came drilled with a 29mm hole and all my taps are too small to create a safe seal, all my tap threads are 25mm diameter. Contacted the...
  10. DavidHatton

    Fermentation Chamber

    Been thinking about final getting around to controlling my fermentation temps, but don't want to got the whole hog and buy a fridge, I already have most of the foam insulation. Was thinking of making a cube design and use the lid from a electric cool box and cut out an opening on top for the...
  11. DavidHatton

    Long live the local

    Not done any fact checking on this, but it came up on FB, and I signed the petition and it sends an email based on your post code to your MP. Thought I would leave it here. Don't mind if it's removed!
  12. DavidHatton

    Fourpure Juicebox attempt

    So thought I'd give it a go as SWMBO likes a can or two of this brew, luckily just caught the last 3 cans at tesco before they stopped stocking it. and at £2.50 for 330ml I more than happy to brew it. not done a comparison yet, but from my recent taste and predict session, it has come out quite...
  13. DavidHatton

    From Grain to Drain

    As the title suggests, in 3 years of brewing one has finally gone down drain. I have seen many youtube video's grain to glass, but not many grain to drain, the one that ended up going was the cock up ESB that I ordered from Geterbrewed(they kindly replaced my order and included plenty of free...
  14. DavidHatton

    using a heat pad with the SS brewtech brew bucket

    Hello, Regarding the idea above, has or does anyone think if I could slip a heat pad inside the neoprene jacket of the brew bucket. Two reasons, firstly I have some kveik that I collected from my last brew and secondly the weather is changing. I have never seen a heat pad, are they alittle...
  15. DavidHatton

    my brew set up

    Evening all, back in 2018 I started putting together parts to go totally electric. I wasn't pleased with the lethargic boil I was getting on the stove top gas ring, I decided to put something together that would allow me to brew inside and outside, like today 26/08/2019 it has been 33c so was...
  16. DavidHatton

    Single hop series from Geterbrewed

    I wanted to try out a couple of geterbrewed's all grain recipe kits, I brewed the west coast ipa and the bavarian mandarina single hop ipa, the west coast is really good, but I think something may have gone a stray with the other. Without jumping the gun I think they may have mixed up the...
  17. DavidHatton

    33L Coleman cooler mash tun

    Hello, I am selling my mash tun, had it about 2 years and is in great condition, has been cleaned and sterilised after every mash. As pictured it comes with two types of filter, gave very good results, comes with the lid. If anyone is interested it's collection only so far, from hackney east...
  18. DavidHatton

    my electric system

    So as it indicates above, I recently about 3 months ago upgraded to the ss brewtech 10 gallon kettle, having in mind to go fully electric, as my hob top gas was rubbish, after doing the usual hole cutting and adding a 1.5 inch tc for the element housing. I finally got around to brewing 2 batches...
  19. DavidHatton

    Mark Hollis of Talk Talk dies aged 64

    Heard the news yesterday via social media, that he had passed on after a short illness. Talk Talk still remain on my regular playlist, though not active since 1998 his music is still influencial. maybe even creating the genre of post rock.
  20. DavidHatton

    Double brew day and the Grainfather sparge water heater

    As the title suggests I decided to try a double brew day, usually a normal brew day consists of my basic coleman xtreme mash tun and my 33 litre boil kettle and using only the domestic gas ring on the cooker. After purchasing a sparge water heater I was tempted to see if it would save some time...