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  1. jjsh

    Wasp stings

    Went out on my gravel bike today and did a few miles. Was a good boy and cut my ride short after 20 miles as I could tell the heat was fatiguing my legs and didn't want to end up with heatstroke or something. Sensible chap Fate rewarded me by getting a wasp to fly into the vents in my helmet...
  2. jjsh

    What are the differences between Kveik and Saison yeasts?

    I've never drank a beer with either, but on paper the yeasts appear to offer similar characteristics (ability to ferment at very high temps, reasonably neutral). However, the appearance of Kveik yeasts has been greeted with such a positive press I'm guessing they are a game changer. So, other...
  3. jjsh

    Quick disconnect best practice

    I have finally managed to replace the standard tap on one of my Burco Cygnets with a ball valve without it leaking. So I'm now ready to get some disconnects for the end, so I can attack either a sprage arm, or later on, an under-let manifold. However, whats the best practice when it comes to...
  4. jjsh

    Big nipples

    I'm replacing the tap on my Burco boiler, and need an extra long parallel threaded 1/2'' stainless steel nipple, about 50mm long. The standard ones are too short. I can only find one supplier online, and they are coming in at over £12 each once you've factored in postage. Can anyone point me to...
  5. jjsh

    Lower ABV Belgian style pale / blonde

    I really like triples, and Belgian Strong Golden Ales. In fact tonight, I'm even enjoying a bottle of Leffe Blonde, which I suppose is the Carling if the Belgian Ale world But I don't enjoy the hammering that ales north of 7% give you if you fancy a few. So, how possible is a lighter, say 4.5%...
  6. jjsh

    Brook House Hops / Pauls malt

    Brook House Hops appear to have Pauls Malts 'Keep Flying Maris Otter' at £15 / 25kg sack, which is rather good for MO. However, the price is also listed as £600/ton, so I'm wondering if you have to order a ton to get that price. Has anyone ordered malt from them before? It looks like you need to...
  7. jjsh

    Same wort - 2 different colours?

    I brewed a sort of Belgian Strong Golden Ale with honey, split the wort and fermented one with Mangrove Jack's Triple yeast and one with Crossmyloof Belgian Ale yeast. Both were fermented for the same time, cold crashed and conditioned for the same time, at the same time, in the same fermenting...
  8. jjsh

    Useful link for various sugar specifications.

    If, like me, you sometimes brew historic or commercial recipes and find yourself looking for the colour and characteristics of sugars that commercial brewers use so you can try to emulate, them you might find this link useful. It appears to have been cribbed from the Ragus website but is no...
  9. jjsh

    You’re stuck in quarantine with only one flavour of crisps

    Horror of horror, new government restrictions come into play and you are only allowed one flavour of crisps in your quarantine stash. What would they be? Mine would be ready salted, I think.
  10. jjsh

    Is this all trub?

    When putting my Golden Ale into the keg, I left 2L at the bottom of the FV, sanitised the top of it where all the crud was, swirled it all around and poured it out into the container below. There was some stuff actually stuck to the bottom of the FV after swilling, so that got left behind. This...
  11. jjsh

    Blogging while furloughed and locked down

    Now I've been furloughed and am in lock down, I've decided to set myself the task of updating my blog every day with home brewing and beer related nonsense. Feel free to drop by (virtually, of course). Day 1 - Lockdown Wow
  12. jjsh

    Your wine smells of sandwiches!

    My better half likes my WOWs but is put off them 'by the smell of sandwiches', which puzzled me. However, I've drank a couple of bottles over the last few days, and we've established that what she is referring to is a kind of plastic smell. It's definitely a smell, not a taste - the wine tastes...
  13. jjsh

    Purging Corny kegs

    So after I've filled a keg, pressurised it, how long should I wait until purging it to expell any oxygen? And how many times do you guys repeat the process?
  14. jjsh

    Pubs in Chester

    I'm staying in Chester near the train station one night next week. Can anyone recommend any decent real ale pubs to pop into for a pint? Are the two Sam Smith's pubs ok, I quite fancy a pint of OBB?
  15. jjsh

    Corny Keg leaking - vasaline?

    I've got a reconditioned corny from the Home Brew Company. Came pressurised. I washed, sanatised it and put a brew into it (a hoppy pale) and all was fine and dandy. Carbed up fine over a couple of weeks and was holding 10psi to the end of the keg. I was seriously excited by the whole...
  16. jjsh

    How to change a primary regulator

    I have had a leak and lost all my CO2, doh! So, I need to change my cylinder. Can I just check the correct procedure for changing it without blowing myself up? 1. Turn off cylinder 2. Pull the relief valve thingie to vent any gas in the regulator itself 3. Slowly unscrew the regulator bolt and...
  17. jjsh

    Keg tap spring - what's it for?

    I got a shank and tap from malt miller for my Kegorator. I've fitted it tonight, but it came with a long conical spring. It sort of looks like it fits inside the tap where it connects to the shank, but it didn't 'feel' right in there so can anyone tell me where it goes and what it's for?
  18. jjsh

    What are people's experiences with MJ M31 Triple Yeast?

    As above, but specifically, what are the recommendation on fermenting temp, given its specs give a range of 18-28°! I've got two packs in the fridge I want to give a spin, I've also finally got my grubby mits in Graham Wheelers Euro beers book. So am going to brew his Duvel clone with the MJ...
  19. jjsh

    Gas reg help

    I've connected my brand new Angel homebrew gas reg to a brand new (delivered today, sealed) CO2 bottle. I've then connected the corny as shown. I've turned on the gas on the bottle, and the dial showing how much is left in the bottle jumped to 600psi, but no matter what I do, turning the knob in...
  20. jjsh

    What clamps do I need for 3/8'' gas and beer lines?

    As above really ~ I'm planning a kegerator with the usual equipment, and some of my taps and whatnot will have barbs. What clamps do people recommend for the 3/8'' gas and beer lines?