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  1. Linalmeemow

    First time brewing a hefeweissbier

    As per the title, I'm doing a hefeweissbier for the first time tomorrow. Mainly following the Greg Hughes recipe, 23l using WLP300. Any experienced hefe brewers with tips particular to the style? I was planning on using a single pack of WLP300 with no starter as I believe underpitching is...
  2. Linalmeemow

    Specific flavour in stout

    I've brewed lots of stouts over the past few years, and I've never been able to get a specific "iron-like" flavour I've found in my favourite commercial varieties. I'm not ever sure if "iron" is the best description - it's akin to the slight metallic taste in blood. It's definitely not a hop...
  3. Linalmeemow

    Windsor - stuck fermentation

    I did an English IPA last week that ended up way bigger than intended - came in at 1074 where I was aiming for 1062. No idea how this happened, based on the brewing software calculations this means I was 95% efficient which is way above where I've been before. Anyway, I pitched the one pack of...
  4. Linalmeemow

    Sam Smith's oatmeal stout

    Anyone got a bulletproof recipe for a Sam Smith's oatmeal stout clone? I've done a couple in the past that were supposed to be similar and were nice but not right...
  5. Linalmeemow

    Priming with granulated sugar

    I bottled my first ever lager last week and primed each 330ml bottle with a heaped half teaspoon of granulated sugar. I usually use dextrose, but this was all I had to hand. Tried the first bottle yesterday and while there's some carbonation it's far, far less than I expected or I'd have got...
  6. Linalmeemow

    Hot weather yeast recommendations

    I've been putting off brewing for ages due to the hot weather but now stocks are low enough that I have to get things under way. I've got temperature control for one FV but not the other. With the exception of saison yeasts (not a huge saison fan) what strains would you recommend for brewing...
  7. Linalmeemow

    Six Nations 2018

    So we're under way. And Scotland were woeful, probably as bad as I've seen from them in the last few years. A real step backwards from what they've promised. Wales were better than I was expecting. Patchell and Shingler look like real prospects. AWJ put in a decent performance too. They...
  8. Linalmeemow

    Heavily hopped session (India?) pale ale

    I've been AG brewing for about 18 months now and so it's time to put my own recipe together for the first time. I want to do a heavily hopped sessionable pale ale using the "all the hops at the end of the boil" technique, but I'd appreciate some advice with the hop choices and schedule. I'm...
  9. Linalmeemow

    Malt Miller?

    What's going on with Malt Miller? They appear to have had a website redesign, and my login no longer works. Also looks like they aren't doing the bespoke recipe packs any more - does anyone know anything about this?
  10. Linalmeemow

    WLP550 lag time

    I did a patersbier yesterday, in the fermenter at 10:30am with a sachet of WLP550 liquid yeast. When I've used liquid yeast before it's gone off like a rocket but this time, almost 36 hours hours later there are no signs of life. Should I be starting to worry yet?
  11. Linalmeemow

    Joshua vs Takam

    Anyone else watching the fight tonight? Any predictions? I think Joshua will knock Takam out within 4 rounds. Way too much power for him.
  12. Linalmeemow

    Greg Hughes - Home Brew Beer

    Can't recommend the recipes in the Greg Hughes book highly enough. I know it's well regarded, but the handful of them that I've brewed so far have been real winners. Just tried the Black IPA after a week in the bottle and it's already carbed up and is delicious. I've done the single hop...
  13. Linalmeemow

    SS Brewtech Brewbucket

    I'm on the lookout for some shiny new kit, and the SS Brewtech Brewbucket has caught my eye. Have any of you got one, and if so what are your thoughts? It looks lovely and the conical base looks like would be effective in keeping the beer in minimal contact with the trub. My main concern is...
  14. Linalmeemow

    Solvent aroma / flavour

    I bottled an oatmeal pale ale this weekend. At 10 days it smelled and tasted fine. At 20 days when I bottled it, it had developed an overwhelming solvent flavour and aroma - it smelled a LOT like nail varnish remover. The only thing I'd done to the beer inbetween those dates was cold crash...
  15. Linalmeemow

    Fred West doing a Mexican wave to sell crisps.

    Not something I ever expected to type, but here it is:
  16. Linalmeemow

    Crossmyloof Real Ale yeast in oatmeal stout?

    I'm making Greg Hughes' oatmeal stout next weekend and am thinking about using the Crossmyloof real ale yeast - I want to take advantage of the bulk buy prices they offer (75p a pack of yeast is great value!). Has anyone used this yeast yet, and do you think it would be suitable for the style?
  17. Linalmeemow

    Worst commercial beer

    Someone suggested starting a new thread for this, so here it is. I used to think there was a time and place for pretty much all beers - I'm even quite fond of the dreadful generic Euro lagers that come in those stubby bottles from all supermarkets at a barbecue on a hot summer day. However...
  18. Linalmeemow

    Bulldog Brewer first brewday review

    I bought the Bulldog Brewer a month or so ago and finally had the chance to do a full AG brew with it this morning. I intended to take photos of each stage of the process but forgot when I got started then realised the good folks at the Grimsby homebrew shop have done a video that shows the...
  19. Linalmeemow

    First infection - advice needed

    After 17 months of regular brewing I've finally had my first infection - a milk stout where the FV lid got dislodged well after it had fully fermented and just before I was planning to bottle, annoyingly. A very nasty looking pellicle had formed and it smelt like a lambic as it went down the...
  20. Linalmeemow

    Nearly electrocuted myself...

    I've just started using an aquarium heater and a big bucket to maintain a steady temperature while fermenting. Today I took the FV out to take a gravity read - didn't think to unplug the heater while I did this. I tried to move the heater position when I put the FV back in the bucket and the...