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  1. cossie.j

    PLAATO airlock for sale

    Hi. I’m selling a PLAATO airlock, I’m a magpie for gadgets but i still prefer my tilts. I bought this a couple weeks ago, tested it but just won’t use it! I can’t be dealing with getting extra wifi boosters and a separate iPod for tracking fermentation. Will also come with a PLAATO valve (never...
  2. cossie.j

    Fermzilla v1 and v2

    Hi all. So after much debate, I’ve decided to buy myself a temperature controlled setup. So I have 2 fermzillas for sale. As standard never used for pressure fermenting. I’m hoping for £50 for the both? You’ll need to buy the disconnects as the plastic ones I bought are a little chewed up! So...
  3. cossie.j

    Grainfather conical fermenter and glycol chiller

    Hi and good morning all. It’s been quite a while since posting on here? and I’ve not done any brewing for a couple months now! This was all due to temperature control and my brew space. So i bit the bullet,and bought myself a complete temperature controlled setup which should be the perfect...
  4. cossie.j

    Speidel 30l fermenters

    Hi guys. I’d like to give these fermenters away as they aren’t being used. One is actually new unused, because when i bought it,i give it a thorough clean and the lid seal expanded due to being soaked in hot water for too long. So it will require a new seal. The other has had plenty of use and...
  5. cossie.j

    A couple of spares going up for sale

    Hi. I have 2 spare stainless steel flow control quick disconnects for sale and a spare speidel 30L fermenter The SS disconnects are no longer needed as I bought 4 and only using 2! So condition is used not new. The speidel fermenter is unused, I cleaned it and soaked everything but the main...
  6. cossie.j

    Newbie question regarding fermentation

    Hi,good morning to you all. So i have a slight problem with my latest brew! I pitched my yeast a little too high Friday @22 degrees Celsius, ( honestly i don’t know why i did?) i guess i had it in my head from previous kits with instructions that said to do so?. However they were all extract...
  7. cossie.j

    Hi from Essex.

    Well a small introduction here. I’ve been making kit beers for the last year, all of which have been the standard extract cans. Done some very successful brews and some not so!! The bug of home brewing has got me although overall I’m happy with the kits I’ve brewed, (coopers) seemed to all come...
  8. cossie.j

    Small introduction, and recipe ideas.

    Hi all. This is my first post and I’ve gained some great knowledge reading through the posts. I’ve been brewing kits for the last 9 months, I’ve had some successful brews and some not so much so! So I’m after some advise if possible please? I’ve obtained a kit which entails steeping grains, i...