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  1. An Ankoù

    Looking for a recipe with Idaho 7 hops

    Got a big bag of Idaho 7 pellets some months ago and substituted it for CItra in Morton's APA recipe. Found it a bit one-dimensional on its own. Has anyone had great success using this hop as part of a mixture of hops? Any pointers gratefully received.
  2. An Ankoù

    Funky Monkey

    Hi all. Got a friend coming over for a while who's addicted to Funky Monkey by Frome (ex Milk Street) Brewery. I've found out what's in it from their website, but not proportions or IBUs. Does anyone know thus beer or have a recipe for it as it's not one I'm familiar with. They claim to use...
  3. An Ankoù

    You're stuck in quarantine with only one group / composer.

    All credit to Dorst for this one. So we're stuck in quarantine with our favourite beer, but there's only one group or composer you can listen to. Favourite beer's good since if your drink enough of it you can nicely collapse into the arms of Morpheus, but too much of the wrong music can do your...
  4. An Ankoù

    Bert Grant's Perfect Porter

    Just opened an ancient book of beer pictures and vague descriptions by that ticker of tickers Michael Jackson. It's from 1998 and contains details of 500 beers. Perfect for "tiny room" reading and I've got as far as B. Bert Grant's Perfect Porter caught my eye as being a bit of a claim and so I...
  5. An Ankoù

    Bush Beer

    Here's a challenge. Pubs are shut. Supermarket beer shelves are emptying. Supplies are becoming harder to source. Kits are being snapped up. Money's short for many. Like it or not, leisure time is being thrust upon us so how can we put that to good use? What can we do to ensure there's a pint...
  6. An Ankoù

    Pride of RIngwood hops.

    Good morning world. Does anyone know where I might get hold of some Pride of Ringwood or Super Pride hops. Spent an hour searching the suppliers in the UK and Europe,, but to know avail. Quite fancy brewing up some Coopers OPA. Thanks in advance.
  7. An Ankoù

    Antique Hops

    Just got an email inviting me to browse the new Hop and Grape website. In the day, Hop and Grape, Darlington, used to be my supplier of choice when John and Patsy gave a truly excellent service at reasonable prices. Just had a quick browse and found quite a lot of packaged hops going back to...
  8. An Ankoù

    Recipes that Disappoint.

    Inspired by The Baron's hops that disappoint thread, I thought I'd like to name and shame recipes that have disappointed. This is a bit more contentious as whoever provided the recipe can always say "you didn't do it right" or "call yourself a brewer?" My recent disappointment is with Morton's...
  9. An Ankoù

    Marmalade: The Secret of Eternal Life.

    Found it! If marmalade is the secret of longevity then marmalade beer must be the Elixir of Life. Has anybody had a go at it? (Once made some marmalade wine and it was delicious)
  10. An Ankoù

    The Cockroach

    Anybody wanting a good laugh could do far worse than read Ian McEwan's latest offering "The Cockroach". Only 100 pages on Boris' rise to power. An absolute scream. Don't mistake it for Kafka.
  11. An Ankoù

    Monty Python's Ministry of SIlly Beer Names

    How many of you think names like India Pale Lager, Imperial Lager, Dark IPA are really daft? Anybody come across any others? Found a bit of Simpson's Imperial Malt that needs using up so I'm going to do a 3½% Imperial Boys' Bitter. At least it's got something to do with the word "Imperial".
  12. An Ankoù

    An Ankoù brewday:

    New Year’s resolution is to start a brew day thread for the record and to share the ups and downs of various brews. Black Lager (from Greg Hughes p. 107) Middle son and his new wife came over from Madrid for Christmas and he said he’d like to see how easy or difficult it is to brew a batch in...
  13. An Ankoù

    Doom Bar party keg

    I've been asking visitors to bring me party kegs so I can refill them with my own beer. I used to do this in Poole and I generally know what I'm doing. However, I was given a keg of Doom Bar (horrible stuff, half of it went down the sink, but I did struggle manfully) and it has a different tap...
  14. An Ankoù

    Little Creatures

    Back in the day, I used to buy a bottled Australian beer which I'm sure was a light ale or a lager from Little Creatures. I recall it had a big sediment and was so gassy that it was well nigh impossible to pour a clear pint. Also that it was delicious. It had a very bready flavour that made me...
  15. An Ankoù

    Robert Hunter death: Grateful Dead lyricist dies aged 78.

    I loved the Dead. Biggest mistake of my life was putting off going to a concert and then in 95 it was too late. Never did understand what Jerry and Robert's "China Doll" was about, although I've heard many theories. Not often you get a full band band member who never appears on stage. I'll have...
  16. An Ankoù

    Bright black

    Black hole nearest Earth is becoming mysteriously, intensely bright The whole concept of "bright black" is a new world to me. But I'm damned if I'm not going to be...
  17. An Ankoù

    Discount codes

    Hi all, I've searched high and low for a discount code for Geterbrewed. I've found a nunber of conversations, but can't find a code anywhere. Do we have one?
  18. An Ankoù

    Lucky Dip

    Just received 5 liquid yeasts from BrewUK for a tenner on their lucky dip scheme. None of them are out of date and none of them are what I would have obviously gone for, so I'm quite looking forward to trying some new recipes. They are WLP072 "French Ale" I'm thinking of doing a bière de garde...
  19. An Ankoù

    Camra calls time on sexist names at Great British beer festival

    Just came across this in the Guardian: ...makes you wonder whether CAMRA's campaign no longer needs campaigning for and they're looking for a reason to stay in existence. No doubt...
  20. An Ankoù

    An Ankoù brewday:

    Brew day started midday yesterday and all washed up and put away in time for lunch today. Two brews: the first is this legendary Mainline or Foxbat Bitter, references to which crop up in posts all over the forum and all very complimentary so, as my Holy Grail is that imaginary perfect pint that...