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  1. The Basic Brewer

    The Basic Brewers Brews.

  2. The Basic Brewer

    30 ltr FV

    I'm looking for a 30 litre bucket with a tap for my secondary fermenting, any recommendations appreciated.
  3. The Basic Brewer

    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    This is my 1st ever home brew, I'm 4 days in to the fermentation and its bubbling every 2/3 seconds, was just gonna follow the instructions on my 1st try then start tweaking once I'm confident after a few brews, but after reading all your posts I'm hoping u guys can help me get the beat brew...
  4. The Basic Brewer

    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    What does FG and OG mean?? And how do I test them with my HYDROMETER??
  5. The Basic Brewer

    No bubbles.

    I started my brew yesterday in a plastic bucket but it's still not bubbling is that normal??