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    Norwich Amateur Brewers Base Malt Exbeeriment

    Background Early in 2020, @keith1664 (one of our number) hacked a 10lt tea urn, added a grain basket and wired in a grainfather connect controller. His aim was to have a piece of kit that could be used to quickly and simply make 5l of wort – to prototype beers, or to create beers for...
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    Adjusting Ion balance and alkalinity using HCl and H2SO4

    Hi Folks, Just ordered 2M HCl, and 1M H2SO4 from APC Pure (UK). Some of the folks in Norwich Amateur Brewers reckon on using these acids to reduce alkalinity and balance ions all in one go. Our water here has a residual alkalinity of c230ppm, and Cl c50ppm, SO4 c50pp, Ca 125ppm - general...
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    Problem with lack of head (recently changed to single vessel system)

    HI folks, Advice please. Recently moved from basic 3 vessel (tea urn, cool box, FV with kettle element) to a single vessel system (Brewmonk). I'm now not getting as much head as i used to. So: - anyone else experienced this - what solutions did you use - things to think about or try Best...
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    Medium attenuation, fruity, english, dry yeast for a low ABV mild

    Lost track of things, to discover I had agreed to brew a low abv mild for an upcoming event. Want medium to low attentuation to give body and keep abv down. So, S04 would be one option, windsor another.....recommendations please. Thanks MArtin
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    Minikeg Ball-lock Lid

    I use 19l cornies, but could do with some smaller solutions for events. 6.6l cornies are very expensive, so was wondering about minikegs combined with these ball-lock lids. They seem to vary in price from £20 to £50... Anyone here used them? Thanks Martin
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    BrewCon London Club Night

    Are any of you lot going to do this? <lots of different brewing clubs / offering sharing each others beers> Our team - Norwich Amateur Brewers - will be bringing lots of beer down on the train.... Martin
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    Cucumber and Lemonbalm

    Hi Folks, The September beer competition for Norwich Amateur Brewers will be on the theme of 'fruit'. I'm toying with the idea of doing something with cucumber and lemonbalm. Not got much further yet....... So, I'm thinking of a saison - light and refreshing. Not too much in the way of hops...
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    Hoteleleven - Robobrew £55? Too good to be true Came up on my facebook feed. Anyone know anything about them? I know, I know, if it looks too good to be true it probably is....but still.... Martin EDIT by Admin - Please read the full thread before you place an order. .
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    Beer Fault - Smoky Taste (not nose). Yeast?

    Brewed a Wit recently. Recipe attached. Wyeast 3944 Belgium Wit. Has turned out with a smoky aftertaste. No idea what caused it. One person who tasted it said it was probably the yeast. Any thoughts? Martin
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    Norwich Amateur Brewers Festival 8th June

    Hi Folks, After having a top time last year...we're doing it again. For now, get the date in your diaries. More details to follow but we can, beer talk, food, music. Coachmakers Arms Norwich. Cheers Martin
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    SMASH - good condition/mouthfeel/head

    Evening. At our local home brew club - Norwich Amateur Brewers - our next beer of the quarter has been chosen to be a SMASH. Brew a SMASH, any SMASH. Now, usually for mouthfeel and head retention, us brewers add a bit of this and a bit of that.....but that is forbidden. So, any tips for...
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    Mangrove Jacks Pilsner

    Running short for Christmas, so stuck a kit on whilst doing my AG honey porter. Liquid malt extract dosed with isomerized hop oil, 28g saaz, m54 lager yeast. Used cashback and brew enhancer. Chose to brew a little short. 20l at 1054. In fridge at 18C. Will hop at 7 days. New thread started...
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    Adding fruit to FV

    As detailed on my brew days thread, I'm about to add 4kg of raspberries to my saison. It's been in the FV for 5 days and gone front 1030 to 1003, in brew fridge at 29C. Belle saison. Never done this before. I plan to: Freeze the fruit Smash it up Defrost Add to FV Monitor the gravity over the...
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    Norwich Amateur Brewers Festival 2018

    A bunch of us brewers in Norwich and Norfolk are putting on a bit of a do. 2nd June. Coachmakers Arms. Something like 18 beers - all lovingly brewed by us lot. 1 keg of each. £12 entrance to 'the event' will enable you to sample thirds of a good range of the beers. There'll be food, music and...
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    Geterbrewed milky coffee stout

    I ordered this as an ingredient pack from geterbrewed. The ingredients were listed as follows. OG: 1.058 FG: 1.020 IBU: 23 ABV: Approx 5.1% Volume: 23 L • 5kg Weyermann Pale Malt • 650g of Bairds Chocolate Malt • 350g of Weyermann CaraWheat Malt • 150g of Black (Patent) Malt • 450g of Copper...
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    geterbrewed NEIPA kit

    Picked this up from the post office yesterday, and was looking forward to getting it on today. As you can see, it looks really interesting: 2x1.5kg mangrove jack light liquid malt Isomerised hop extract Cites, Galaxy,Mosaic hops 25g! Of new New England dry yeast I normally do AG, but this was...
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    Martin's Brewday

    Recently moved to Norwich, and only just got my feet underneath me - this is my first brew in several months. It is by way of an experiment, for two reasons: 1. I've got a burco boiler (�£20 Gumtree) rather than using stove top pans. Plan to use the burco as a hlt and to boil wort...
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    Instructables Mash Tun Build - Anyone Done It? TLDR: Use a drilled FV as a grain basket inside of another insulated FV to create a mash tun. Grain basket can be lifted and propped up to sparge. The reasons my attention was drawn to this, was that I...
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    Slovenian Hops - Abbey Beer Brew Day

    Based on the Greg Hughes Abbey Beer: 4.5kg Pilsner 1kg Vienna 500g Biscuit Malt 21g Styrian Aurora at start of boil 35g Savinjski Goldings for the last 5 minutes Protofloc last 15 minutes Yeast: Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale HLT is on! Any comments? Cheers Martin
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    Jennings Cockerhoop Clone - First AG of 2016!

    4230 Maris Otter 470 Torrefied Wheat 28 Black Malt Start of boil: 45g Challenger Last 10 minutes: 12g Bobek Flame out: 7g Bobek No photos today, but it's my usual method - insulated FV mash, dunk sparge, 3-pans-on-the-stove-boil, chill in the sink. I screwed up the mash...