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  1. Banbeer

    Transfering from FV to corny keg

    I've answered a post about transferring beer with no oxygen from an FV to a corny keg and suggested this. I've just made it and tested with water and it works perfectly, I suggested purging a little C02 in the corny and connecting the disconnect to the out post then the other end to a tap on the...
  2. Banbeer

    Coopers Draught Ale

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a hop for me to dry hop with, I added 1kg DME and brewed it to 21 litres, the hops I have are cascade, simcoe, citra and saaz. I've brewed this quite a few times a few years ago and I liked it, I only drank lager back then so it was an intro into ales for...
  3. Banbeer

    Show us your glass

    Hi guys so we've had show us your dog, show us your cat etc....etc I want to see what glass you folks drink out of. I'll kick off with my Dartington crystal 'Stout and Strong' a really nice glass but not cheap, really nice thin rim and a wide opening bowl giving a nice aroma whilst drinking and...
  4. Banbeer

    Saison carbing?

    Hello, first saison being kegged (corny) tomorrow and just wondering what volume to carb it at. I'm thinking 2.5 - 3.0 as a set and forget (looked at the carbing chart) or 50psi overnight, any other suggestions?
  5. Banbeer

    Used wine bottles

    Hi all, swmbo wants to have a go at making wine again and has been collecting wine bottles that she's enjoyed the contents of. The bottles are Echo Fall screw top and I was wondering if they're any good for repurposing. Thanks in advance. Colin.
  6. Banbeer

    Fruit cider recipe.

    Summer Fruit Cider ABV 6.2% This is to make 5Litres, adjust as necessary Ingredients 4 Litres of summer fruit juice(100%)from fridge 1 sachet of cider yeast 300ml of apple and blackcurrant squash (concentrated and sugar free) 8tsps of sugar (heaped) 2 tsps of wine sweetener (optional) Method...
  7. Banbeer

    LPG level tester anyone used for C02?

    Hi all, I've got a Truma LPG level tester that works very well, my question is has anyone used a similar or same tester on C02 and did it work? Unfortunately my caravan is in storage 40 miles away, the tester is in the van and I'm not allowed over at the mo
  8. Banbeer

    Banbeer Brewday

    Home Brew Shop Double Hopped APA AG kit. I got up early this morning and put the HLT actually it was the wife who flicked the switch as I was still in slumber. I had a cup of tea in bed then had a shower and went downstairs to check the HLT, it had reached temperature so I...
  9. Banbeer

    Dry hopping in a corny keg

    Hi all, I have a dry hop container that is designed to be hung in a corny/FV etc This is it and was wondering if anyone has kegged with desired hop choice, either via just dropping it into the keg or hanging it from the keg lid, I usually use pellets to dry hop but do occasionally use leaf, any...
  10. Banbeer

    3/8" to 3/16" Gas line reduction.

    Hi everyone, I hope that you are all as well as can be expected? Quick question about my kegerator project that I'm hoping to start on Monday when my fridge arrives, although I will have room inside the new larder fridge to keep the C02 canister in I ideally would like it outside the fridge for...
  11. Banbeer

    Thinking of making a stout

    Hi forumites, I'm thinking of making an AG stout for the Autumn/Winter and was wondering if you had any decent recipes you could post? I like hoppy APA's and do like the occasional Guinness or two. Thanks in Advance.
  12. Banbeer

    Cornies, to lube or not to lube........

    Just bought a corny and have had mixed reviews on whether to lube the O rings or to just leave them? I have a spare set of O rings just in case but what are your views/experiences, also what do you recommend as getting Keg Lube is not looking good, some use vaseline or KY jelly .....I look...
  13. Banbeer

    Anyone used MJ no rinse sanitiser?

    Hi all, I have ordered Mangrove Jacks kits in the past that have come with a no rinse sanitiser but not used it as I use Videne to sanitise my equipment, my Videne is coming to an end and not sure when I can purchase more. Has anyone got any feedback after using this as a no rinse sanitiser...
  14. Banbeer shop

    Looking to buy stuff from this company, has anyone bought anything from them very recently and if so what service did you receive please
  15. Banbeer

    Oil Heating

    Quick question to all that use oil for their central heating. I have a gauge empty, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full and was wondering how accurate they are, at the mo we are a couple of cm off the empty and supposed to have had a delivery today but now they can't make it until Monday so we've turned the...
  16. Banbeer

    5L Mini keg Carbing

    Kegged half a 23L batch to see how it went as I'm new to kegs and bottled the rest, I added 12g of sucrose to each keg as instructed and one sucrose cube to each bottle. After a week or so the bottles were quite firm so I put them in the cool and not wanting the kegs to get too fizzy I put them...
  17. Banbeer

    AG#5 American Pale Ale

    Had a brew day today and decided to do an American IPA using Citra and Cascade hops and 5kg of Pale malt with a little Crystal malt, everything went well and hit 1.053 a tad under prediction but only used 500g of crystal instead of 1kg, pitched at 19C with M44 and now sitting at 20C for a...
  18. Banbeer

    A bit of good luck

    Had a bit of good luck today whilst visiting a customer in Cambridge(I live in Leicestershire), I parked my car and walked down the road past some shops and looked over and seen a poster for a Grainfather in a hardware shop window so went over to investigate and part of that shop was homebrew...
  19. Banbeer

    5L Mini kegs

    Hi, decided to buy 3 x 5L mini kegs and have used them today alongside 13 bottles for a 23L brew, what a difference to a bottling day these were, still able to use my little bottler to fill them and a doddle to clean/sanitise. If they carb easy and condition ok then I will be ordering more, i'll...
  20. Banbeer

    Very Cloudy after adding hop pellets

    I now brew IPA's, just adding hop pellets into the FV, 4 days prior to bottling. I'm finding that they are very cloudy after bottling and not really clearing after a week in the beer fridge at 3 degC I cold crashed for 3 days after 2 weeks fermenting then bottled but like i said they are still...