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  1. HarryFlatters

    Strange Keezer Issue

    Hi folks, After a few months of using my keezer, I've noticed that one tap foams up notably worse than the other three. It's not unusable, but it's very irritating in that I can get 3 taps to pour perfectly and one looks like it's been poured by someone that has no idea how to pour a pint. I'm...
  2. HarryFlatters

    American Pale

    Awrite folks... I've never made an APA before, so I've had a look at what I've got and was wondering if this'll fit the bill? If I brew this when the weather is getting warmer, I might use the CML Kveik yeast, if not I'll use trusty old US05. HOME BREW RECIPE: Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size...
  3. HarryFlatters

    Hard Seltzer

    Not sure if this belongs in recipes, wine & Cider or what, and not wanting to derail @Hopsteep 's thread about not beer brewing, has anyone made a hard seltzer? I'm thinking... 2kg sugar a couple of bags of frozen fruit juice of lemons and limes yeast nutrient pectolase 23 litres of Campden...
  4. HarryFlatters

    JG shank connecter

    Hi, I'm looking to swap out the barbs on the end of my tap shanks for JG connectors, but I'm at a loss as to what size I need. Having measured my shanks with a micrometer, they're 22mm (so 7/8"?), but I can't find a suitable connector. Angel HB and MM have connectors "that fit most shanks", but...
  5. HarryFlatters

    Keezer dehumidifier and air circulation fan

    Y'awrite? Next stage of the keezer build is to find a solution to help keep humidity down and equalise temperatures between the top and bottom of the freezer. I have sourced some old PC case fans, which I've seen used in keezers, but I'm not sure how to power them. Splicing an old phone...
  6. HarryFlatters

    Long mash with all in one system

    Awrite? My circumstances are currently such that I'm struggling to get a few hours to put a brew on and I need to top up the tank before Christmas. I have a 50L Hopcat, which has a programmable stepped mash doohickey. My plan is to get all the water sorted/treated for a full volume mash the...
  7. HarryFlatters

    80 Shilling user upper

    Hiya, Pondering a bit of a user upper recipe, and I don't have the Bible to hand... Is this about right? Caledonia 80 Boab FERMENTABLES: 3.8 kg - Maris Otter Pale (75.8%) 0.5 kg - Vienna (10%) 0.3 kg - Dark Crystal 80L (6%) 0.25 kg - Flaked Wheat (5%) 0.16 kg - Chocolate (3.2%) HOPS: 25 g -...
  8. HarryFlatters

    Black IPA AG kit - what to do?

    A while back, I bought an AG black IPA kit from THC, and it's been sat in my freezer ever since because I've come to the realisation that I don't actually like IPAs *shrug* Kit details below...
  9. HarryFlatters

    Big Choccy Christmas Stout

    Mornin' Going to get this brew on the go on Saturday to put down for Christmas. I'm planning to cold steep the dark grain on Friday for use on Saturday, then when it's nearly finished fermenting hit it with some cacao nibs, vanilla and coconut that have all been steeping in some Kracken rum...
  10. HarryFlatters

    Corny keg gas / beer post removal

    Hi all, I'm in the process of renewing all the seals and gaskets etc on my kegs, and I've got a couple where I simply cannot get the gas / beer posts to move. They're stuck tight. I'm a bit reluctant to get a rattle gun on them in case I damage something, but it's looking like that's the only...
  11. HarryFlatters

    Wheat user-upper brew

    Mornin' I made a wheat on Friday, seemed to go well other than not having as much in the chilling cube as I expected. I either under sparged or there was a couple of litres more absorption than I anticipated (I started with 20 litres in the kettle, then a 10 litre cold sparge). Anyway...
  12. HarryFlatters

    Wheat beer user-upper recipe

    I have a few odds and sods lying around, and I'm thinking about doing this on Friday. Anyone see any glaring issues? 2.25 kg Flaked Wheat 0.25 kg Flaked Oats 1 kg German - Pilsner 1.25 kg German - Vienna 15 g Magnum Pellet 10 Boil 60 min 20.35 50 g First Gold Pellet 7.5 Aroma 5 min 1.01...
  13. HarryFlatters

    Kolsch style - first Hopcat brew

    First go with the Hopcat on Saturday. I was up with the larks, waiting on a new TV getting delivered, so I got the machine filled with water and VWP and generally gave it all a scrub and ran cleaner through the pump to make sure there was no oils or swarf left over from manufacturing. After...
  14. HarryFlatters

    Selling Peco boiler and all the trimmings £50 delivered?

    Hi all, I'm selling my Peco boiler (standard version without controls), immersion chiller (I'll leave the hoses on but I'll keep the Hozelok connector thingy), BIAB bags, hop bags, and spare element and lead. It's wrapped up in a nifty jacket made from the foil stuff you put behind your...
  15. HarryFlatters

    What to make with these ingredients..?

    I'm gagging to try out my Hopcat, and his is what I have in stock. I'm thinking of making a wheat with 50/50 wheat and pilsner, with magnum and first gold, or a 50/50 Vienna pilsner lager thing with magnum and saaz, or... any ideas..? Malt 1 Kilogram Flaked Oats 5Kilograms Flaked Wheat...
  16. HarryFlatters

    Dark lager with First Gold hops?

    Awrite? I've acquired 100g of first gold hop pellets, which I was going to use to dry hop a stout, but forgot to put them in. Hey ho... Anyhoo, I would love to brew a BrewDog Zeitgeist clone, and was wondering if I could substitute the cascade for first gold? Both are described as fruity...
  17. HarryFlatters

    Pub Gas Supplier Wiki

    Hi, A while back I suggested a list of pub gas suppliers by region, as it's sometimes a bit difficult to find someone local. If it's still alright with admin, here goes... Lothian Supply Company, 1 Gregory Rd, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7DR, £45 for a 6.35kg cylinder initially with £5 refills
  18. HarryFlatters

    Diacetyl rest in a keg

    Hi, I have a lager that's been in the FV for getting close to a month and it's nearly ready to warm up a bit to carry out the diacetyl rest stage. However, it's in a glass carboy and I'm very wary of moving this around given how fragile they can be. Can I rack this to a corny keg, purge the...
  19. HarryFlatters

    Coopers or MJ Helles lager kit?

    Hi, I've been asked to do a couple of kegs of lager for a 40th birthday party in April, and as it'll get swilled I'm going to do kits instead of AG. Has anyone tried both the kits in the title? If so, which one did you prefer? Ta H
  20. HarryFlatters

    Vienna Saaz SMaSH

    Mornin' all... I'm planning to brew a Vienna Saaz SMaSH as my next brew but I want to run a few things past you... Bitterness - as Saaz is a Czech hop, I'm planning to bitter as I would for a Bohemian lager, so 35ish IBUs. However, I might bring that down because the FG is coming out as lower...