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    Coopers IPA Kit milkshake tweak help!

    Not sure if Breadan is still on this forum? But I’ve been brewing kits for a few years and have been experimenting with hop additions ( pellets and locally foraged) and just fancied trying a ‘milkshake ‘ I’ve got a couple bottles that I added the lactose as well as priming sugar to and will see...
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    Coopers IPA Kit milkshake tweak help!

    Hi there. Did you try this ? I am wanting to go down the same route but using Mangrove Jacks juicy session ipa.
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    Bulldog: Extra Covfefe IPA

    I brewed this one in May, Took a long time to finish and ended up at 6.6% , bottled up on the 6th of June but tasted horrible, very sour. Cracked a bottle open last night and the flavour was much better, obviously needs a while so be patient.
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