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  1. Crabby_patty

    Back to brewing.

    After a 25yr break i have decided to try again thanks to stumbling across this forum. So far: Turbo cider 3.5l Morrisons apple juice 1 cup of tea 50 g sugar 1 spoon of each pectolase , Youngs cider yeast and Yeast nutrient. Og 1.050 Topped up today with Apple Juice . Turbo cider 2 2.5l...
  2. Crabby_patty

    Hello from Kent

    Hello All, Im Matt from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Made a few brews about 25 years ago mainly beer from Boots and a few wines from vegetables and fruits . I wasnt overly keen on some of my creations but after finding this website have decided to have another go . I have ordered a couple of 6...
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