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  1. Deathstar

    Raspberry Pints

    Well, yesterday I was at a loose end, and I have some spare time to tinker with my RPi, so I decided to upgrade to the latest version of Buster and install RaspberryPints. My RPi does other things too, so I had to make sure it was able to run the other apps that I use. Anyway, here goes the...
  2. Deathstar

    Equipment sale

    Unsure if anyone is interested, but since purchasing my Grainfather I have a couple of items for sale. Double element boiler Copper submersion coil Plastic HLT with tap. Rotating sparge arm that connects to the HLT. Looking for £50-£60 or a sensible offer. Not really wanting to split...
  3. Deathstar

    New toy day.....

    Well I’ve only gone and bloody done it!!
  4. Deathstar

    Stepped Fermentation

    So, I’ve eventually built my fermentation fridge and conducted a few tests where were positive. Temp control with my WiFi Inkbird indicates a 0.3/0.4 C variation which surprised me. it will cold crash all the way to -2C. This leads me into my question. What are the benefits of altering the...
  5. Deathstar

    Deathstar's Brew Day

    Bit late in posting, however I did eventually get round to doing my first AG in 13 years on Sunday. Supported my LHBS (Leyland) and purchased all my grains and hops on the Saturday along with some bins. I was very original and named this revival APA Style brew "Death to the Star" So the Grain...
  6. Deathstar

    Bitter/Hoppy IPA

    All, please be gentle however I have been playing with Beersmith and a recipe. I generally like hoppy fruity IPA's and I have come up with the following recipe. I would like some of you more experienced members to cast their eye over it and advise of any recommendations. Grain 4.8KG Pale Malt...
  7. Deathstar

    Hello from Lancashire

    Getting back into full grain brewing next week after a 13 year break! (Kids) Pulled out all my gear at the weekend and gave it a good clean and sterilisation. Need a few new bits and bobs, but looking forward to it again.