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    Pumpkin Ale

    When it comes to pumpkin beers the pumpkin itself doesn’t contribute a lot in terms of flavors. If you have a good spice regimen, you can forego the pumpkin altogether and end up with a really great “pumpkin” beer. Maybe add a pound or a half pound of your base malt to make up for any...
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    Best cleaner for beer engine

    Hello all, I want to make sure I keep my beer engine clean and in good order in between casks. When I first got it on eBay it was pretty gross and I want to avoid that in the future. So: what’s the best cleaner to use to make sure it’s clean and doesn’t have nasties growing in it? Standard...
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    Polypin vs. Cask

    Hey everyone, Thanks for the links and thoughts. I’m in the “prioritizing” stages of figuring out which is the best path to go that’s the most cost effective. Cask breathers are really expensive here, I was thinking of picking one up from eBay from someone in the UK or maybe a company based...
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    Polypin vs. Cask

    Hello all, I’m gathering all the materials I need to build a nice setup to use with my beer engine that I scored off eBay. I brewed one batch of bitter and used a polypin to serve out of and it went pretty well, but it eventually went south at about 3 weeks post tapping. Herein lies my...