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  1. Winterbournebrewery

    One of the best , I think ?

    Top brewer attempting a top brew.
  2. Winterbournebrewery

    London craft beer festival 2020.

    Anyone going this year ? I have been awarded a 2 day pass to attend so bring it on.
  3. Winterbournebrewery

    RIP Neil Peart

    Sad day a few days ago. Have loved Rush for many years & was fortunate to see them live (Presto tour). The world has lost an amazing drummer & lyricist.
  4. Winterbournebrewery

    Admirals Reserve kit

    Evening all , should I tweak this kit & how ? I brewed the kit up about a year ago it was a good solid bitter but nothing to write home about . What would you do ? Can it be changed into some form of Belgian type ale with the right yeast. I always treat my water so any style is possible.
  5. Winterbournebrewery

    Craft beer ? What do you think Of this talk ?

    What do you think ?
  6. Winterbournebrewery

    Has anyone used this stuff ? Harris Pure Brew

    I normally treat my water with sodium metabisulphite but this reckons I don't have to ? anyone used this ? If so what results etc... ?
  7. Winterbournebrewery

    Hello to all. New member been brewing 2 years

    Hi all thought I should become a member to this great brewing community. I have always used this forum as a great source of info & advice. Hope I can give something back. Cheers:smallcheers: