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    portable co2 system for corny keg

    Hi all, I use a large pub co2 bottle for my corny kegs, but I would like to carbonate up a keg of cider for my brother and take it round his. Fine, until there isn't enough co2 left to dispense. What could he use co2 - wise to top up , so he can keep pouring ? Midget widget too...
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    ive watered down my wine too much.

    Hi all, back six months ago, when making elderberry wine, I made a newbie mistake. I made 3 gallons of wine, and when racked and clear, I was left without 2.5 gall. I didn't have a half gallon demi and didn't think of using a 2 litre pop bottle, so I divided it between 3 demi johns and topped...
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    tray to keep auto syphon in sterilizer

    hi all, anyone have any ideas what i could use to keep an auto syphon submerged in star-san ? i've seen wallpaper trays on ebay, but they all come from usa. interested to hear what anyone else uses, its tricky finding a plastic tray long enouh over here:ugeek:
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    calculating alcohol when using fruit pulp.

    Hi all. Could someone explain in simple terms. How to calculate the potential alcohol when using fruit pulp / carton grape juice / sugar ? Here's my scenario: Been given a load of plums, so am roughly following the recipe for Victoria plum wine in the boots book. But stepped up the...
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    egg smell coming from cider kit in corny keg

    Hi all, I left my bulldog mixed berry cider in primary for ten days, added finings and kegged when it was almost completely clear a few days later. However there is still quite a sulphur smell when I poured a sample today. Will this eventually go with time ? I have read you can "wash" the...
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    how to stop beer becoming too carbobated.

    Hi all, my setup at present is 4 corny kegs in a large chest freezer with an stc 1000 set at 10 oc. I have followed the carbonation charts to good effect so far. Generally for my ales setting to 15 psi for 5 days, then disconnecting the gas , and then leaving at this pressure. If I want...
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    kegerator / keezer problem. any ideas welcome

    Hi guys, I have a temperature problem in my keezer. It won't get below around 12oc. I have an stc 1000 set to 9oc and it was working ok until the weather has gotten warmer. The compressor is constantly on, and getting very hot. I have set the thermostat to 120c now just to give the compressor...
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    blimey, what a bargain ! second hand fermenter for £19 posted, what a bargain!! my lhbs sells these new for about £14. made me laugh:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    suggestions for tweaking a basic lager kit

    hi all , i bought a slightly out of date tooheys special lager kit from my lhbs and i plan to tweak it a bit. i have some styrian goldings dried hops. i thought i might add to the kit ; 500g light dme, 1kg dextrose, and about 40grams of the hops placed in a muslin bag and put in the...
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    carbonator caps for pet bottles

    hi all, i would really like to get a few of these to take my homebrew to friends etc., but at £12 a pop, seems very expensive for a piece of plastic. has anyone ever made their own? i've seen youtube videos of homemade ones and it seems pretty simple, but they are all american and i dont know...
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    woodfordes nog just isnt clearing

    hi all, i brewed a woodfordes nog in the primary for 11 days, then racked into a secondary and added a sachet of youngs beer finings and very gently stirred. left this for 3 days in the cool no difference. i added 3 sheets of gelatin (melted in a jug of beer), stirred this in gently, and...
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    just a couple more questions regarding cornies.

    hi all, i have completed my chest freezer conversion. i just have a couple questions: do i need a check valve on the co2 line , or is this only needed when you are low on gas or if you think you might have a leak? also, for ales, (with not a lot of carbonation), what length beer line...
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    still a little confused with using cornies

    hi all, i brewed a coopers ipa, left it in the FV for 11 days, then transfered it into my corny yesterday. i purged the oxygen 4 times by filling with c02, disconnecting gas, pulling pressure valve., filling, disconnecting, pulling etc etc. finally i put 30psi of co2 in , disconnected the...
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    how can i connect pub cylinder co2 to s30 fitting barrel

    Hi guys, I know this may have been asked before, but I couldn't find a definitive answer, and a lot were very old posts, so I am thinking things may have been developed since. I have a 2 corny setup with a small pub co2 cylinder. Is there any way I can get the co2 from the pub cylinder...
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    should i barrel turbo cider ?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a basic bottom tap pressure barrel off eBay for peanuts. I was thinking of making up a 5 gallon batch of turbo cider ,sticking it in the barrel and literally forgetting about it for 6 months or more . Hoping for malolactic fermentation to occur and mellow it...
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    turbocider secondary fermentation question

    hi all, whilst waiting for wine and ale to mature i have been experimenting with carton apple cider or turbocider. its finshed fermenting, down to 0.995, i have racked, added finings and left for for a couple days to clear, then i transfereed to pet bottles, added half a tspn sugar and left...
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    sweetening bottled cider

    Hi all, I have a couple demi johns of carton cider fermented down to about 0.990. which I intend bottling. I would like to add half a tspn sugar to each bottle to give it s bit of fizz. But I would also like to sweeten it a bit cos its a bit dry for me. How would I go about this ?, I'm thinking...
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    back into brewing after 5 years.

    hi all, matt here from north devon. i was quite into wine and beermaking five or six years ago, but for some reason stopped. now my wife wants to make her own wine, so we have bought a couple kits and they are coming along nicely, we plan to gather the necessary equipment and make country wines...