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  1. neilb

    Show us your guitar(s)

    I've noticed alot of geetars in the background of peoples pictures and thought I would start this thread seeing as we've got a dog, cat and glass threads :laugh8: athumb.. (Delete if necessary admin..) So as the title suggests, I'll kick it off with my Epiphone Les Paul Standard...
  2. neilb

    Bench Capper

    I mainly use plastic PET bottles but I've been saving up glass bottles and have asked friends and family to donate their unwanted 500ml glass bottles aswell. I've almost got enough now for a full batch and now is the time for me to look for a capper. I would ideally like a bench capper and...
  3. neilb

    Carbonating questions!

    Hi, sorry for the newbie questions this is only my second batch 😁 I've had a Young's lager carbonating for 11 days in my warm room (20 - 23°C) and I opened one yesterday after it was in the fridge overnight to have a look and see if everything is on track. When I was bottling into PET 500ml...
  4. neilb


    Hi everyone, hope you are all well and safe. After months of thinking about it and many debates with the wife, I decided it's time to try my hand at home brewing. I've got more time on my hands now as I'm furloughed so I can give it my full attention. So I purchased all the equipment and decided...