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    To spigot or not to spigot (bottling question)

    Hi, Completed my first bottling day and reading up on it beforehand, I was kicking myself for not getting a spigot on the bottling bucket. I used an autosiphon with wand attached as that's what the HBS had in. Aside from a little trouble getting the flow started it went surprisingly well! I did...
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    Anyone got a recipe for an ale that is in the style of a lager.

    I got about 5 weeks to get a brew ready and was hoping to do a blonde ale or something refreshing like a lager. I have temp control and was going to do BIAB or mini mash. Any recipes or pointers for something like this would be greatly appreciated! I do intend to brew lagers eventually but I...
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    Sampling from FV

    So I dont have a tap on my FV. What are good options for sampling from an FV which is only half full? I have a lawnmower oil change kit which has a big syringe and clear tubing, my wine thief isnt long enough and actually was very poor at holding any liquid when I sampled post boil. I want to...