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  1. J

    What did you brew today?

    Ive just put on a better brews ipa kit witha couple tweaks ive used 1kg youngs brew enhancer instead of sugar and added a 375g jar of meridian organic barley malt extract and brewed it a little short, 20 litres instead of 23, to try and geta better mouth feel and head on a pint. Ive also...
  2. J

    What did you brew today?

    Just started a 20l batch of mild from a kit and a small 1l test batch of mead.
  3. J

    Apple and raspberry TC

    This is similar to the recipe im making now. Ive got 4lt tesco apple juice and 200ml of that raspberry syrup with yeast nutrient and pectolase. SG was 1060, Gonna rack it into a demijohn tomorrow and test SG.
  4. J

    Hello from Anglesey

    Hi im completely new to brewing, in fact im about to rack my first ever batch of cider. Im hoping to do a few batches of wine, mead and ciders this year then once ive got them down ill give ales a go. This looks like a good forum for information so hopefully illbe able to get some pointers on...