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    Mans best friend

    The wife would defo be an idiot for getting in there in the 1st place asad1 . The dog would know he was going to be let out, hopefully with a field full of rabbits in front of him to chase (sorry Gerritt ) . The bloke however would probably get locked up if someone seen him putting a wife in...
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    Wine degassing

    The Co2 is in suspension within the wine, all you are doing is forcing it to release itself, no different than shaking a bottle of cola before you open it, the only thing that would be swopped for air is if you allow liquid to gush out.
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    Review, Grainfather conical fermenter

    I tend to put hops into a muslin bag to minimise the sediment, whilst some will still escape thru the bag keeps the bulk of them together.
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    IT help

    If you don't have an onboard graphics port and you suspect that your card is at fault you can pickup a 2nd hand card from the likes of CEX for very little cash (about a tenner), I would not be keen on buying a new card to test it on the off chance the PSU has fried something, in my experience...
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    Review, Grainfather conical fermenter

    I brew a few extra litres to allow for loss, the cone will cost you about 1 litre with its deadspace, just factor that into your recipe initially and after a few brews you will have a good enough feel for where you are at with it. If you are brewing in a GF you should have np with transferring...
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    Foaming after opening

    The duration's that people talk about on here are a guideline only, do not assume a ferment has finished just because it has been in a FV for 2 or 3 weeks (or longer) there are other variables at play like yeast quality, temp, oxygenation etc. Starting gravity and the expected target gravity are...
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    Review, Grainfather conical fermenter

    Hiya, i do bottle directly from it with no issues, just be sure to empty/remove the airlock or you will draw its contents into your beer, i don't bulk prime though, if i was to i would do two sediment removals, one after a week of fermenting and the second before adding priming sugar. Do be sure...
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    Apple and Red Grape wine

    Halt the fermentation first, then degass and then the finings. If you add finings and then degass you only end up stirring the sediment back up.
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    Is This An Adequate Boil?

    You could always add some insulation around the side, keeps heat in and avoids inadvertent burns if someone should happen to touch it.
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    Fermentation taking longer with Grainfather

    Could also be slightly cooler ambient temps affecting your fermenter at this time of year, a couple of degrees can make a world of difference, or the fermenter being completely airtight when previously it hasn't been.
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    Grainfather chiller hose connection

    There should be an attachment with the GF to allow you to do it, I use a washing machine valve inside the kitchen which has a hose connection from an outside tap onto it, this has a small piece of gardenhose on it with a yellow hozelock quick connect on it. The GF adapter just plugs in direct to...
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    Grainfather glycol chiller

    I use the conical fermenter, it will hold temp to max of what you set it at and about 0.8 c of a degree lower until its stat kicks the heater element in to warm it back up. I've used a brew fridge previously which is now given over for beer dispensing, the intention will be to set up a small...
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    Damson Gin.

    Is the damson and sugar something you have already made and fermented? if so this will be more akin to a wine? Traditionally damson, plum, sloes etc are more of an infusion where the spirit is allowed to soak into the whole fruit over time, there would be no more fermentation taking place once...
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    Running out of bottles..Any ideas?

    Any local eateries that allow BYOB, they will have plenty of empties every weekend. 1.5 litre vodka bottles from pubs/clubs is another source if you want to keep 2 bottles worth, also source a few 1/4 wine bottles for the leftovers.
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    Local accents.

    This interview got quite a bit of attention back in the day, the old nationwide programme and the man from strabane.
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    Bottle Priming

    Google for cook/chef measuring spoons, you will get 5 or 6 in a set of varying sizes from 1/4 teaspoon to a tablespoon.
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    First Brew Using a Grainfather

    A faster sparge will negate the boiling over issue you had, if possible place the peco above the extended grain basket and gravity feed the water in. You will see higher efficiency numbers from the GF than you would normally expect, do allow a little extra water into your calcs to allow for...
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    Brewing wine is a faff

    You could use bigger bottles, nothing wrong with 1 litre or 1.5 litre spirit bottles, all pubs and clubs bin there bottles so doesn't take long to gather enough up.
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    My wife is fizzing because the Belgian Wheat I made for her isn’t

    Try giving it a third week, with the heat as it is most of that pop could well be unabsorbed co2, chill the bottles well so that the beer starts to take co2 back in.
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    Half The Desired Outcome

    Every step in your process will incur loss which needs to be allowed for before you begin. Mash, there will be water loss as grain absorbs water. Then deadspace in the tub. Boiling, loss of water thru evaporation, deadspace in the boiler. Fermentation, deadspace in the FV, loss due to...