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  1. Roddy J

    Fermenting in cold garage

    Ive had it a few years now and still holding well. I wrap each large section in a bin liner when in the loft. The expansion sections and fan fit in their original box still. Really light weight so easy to move around. If I'm brewing regularly I've got a BBQ for it to cover for the days/weeks...
  2. Roddy J

    Fermenting in cold garage You can buy expansion layers. Looks like it can fit 55L fermzilla.
  3. Roddy J

    Fermenting in cold garage

    Hi, absolutely perfect for my needs. Just like a brew fridge. I use it for fermentation, crashing, secondary and chilling bottles, cornies etc. I'm in Edinburgh so a heat belt or pad not that reliable for consistent temperatures. it gets dismantled and stored in the loft when not being used.
  4. Roddy J

    Fermenting in cold garage

    I have very little free space in my garage and not enough to keep a fridge permanently so I bought a Ferminator. I build it up when needed and dismantle it and store it away when not in use. Set the temp and let it run through fermentation. Use it to cold crash. Then once bottled they go...
  5. Roddy J

    Anna's Brewdays

    They look fantastic. Thats a real step up from printed labels on bottles 😁 Is it Còsagach or Seasgair though...? VisitScotland went with còsagach to be the Scottish equivalent of the Danish Hygge,.... to the annoyance of some fluent speakers.
  6. Roddy J

    Klarstein Mundschenk

    Still can't believe I got this for £170 . At the time the Insulating jackets were out of stock. They are back in now at £53. but they have a 50% off to be applied at the checkout. Free delivery also.
  7. Roddy J

    Love Brewing New Kit Giveaway!

    Double Dancing Duck would be what I'd go for !!! 🤞
  8. Roddy J

    Brewdog flouted US laws over beer imports

    Perhaps chlorinated chicken flavouring?
  9. Roddy J

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red Rebellion sounds right up my sràid. Cheers
  10. Roddy J

    2x Cornelius Keg Raffle - ENDED

    7350. There were 11 left after I bought in 🙂👍🏻
  11. Roddy J

    First BIAB

    I wish I had found this chat before I did my first BIAB yesterday. All in all it took quite a few hours and I've learnt more from it. I had remembered reading about having a combination microwave grill tray so I had that placed over the Peco boiler element in case I needed to put it on during...
  12. Roddy J

    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Count me in please. I'd opt for American Goose. Thanks.
  13. Roddy J

    Prize Competition | Grainfather raffle | WON TO @SKELLO

    Well done @Skello 👍🏼
  14. Roddy J

    Prize Competition | Grainfather raffle | WON TO @SKELLO

    My 50th just past.....😬
  15. Roddy J

    Prize Competition | Grainfather raffle | WON TO @SKELLO

    5027 What an awesome raffle!
  16. Roddy J

    Covid Passports

    When the vulnerable are vaccinated then let's open up. I'm sure the science was we needed 80% of the population vaccinated to protect the rest so we're well on the way to this. Was that not the point of lockdown to delay the spread and protect the vulnerable and the NHS. It should be no...
  17. Roddy J

    Hydrometer reading (with pics)

    Yeah I used to attempt that but the bubbles/froth quickly enveloped it. I'd seen someone post they use a turkey baster to draw off the wort for testing so that's what I've been doing. I think filling to the top and letting the hydrometer in it to overflow the froth is a good shout. If not the...
  18. Roddy J

    Hydrometer reading (with pics)

    I always find it difficult to read the exact OG due to the froth. For this one I had to leave aside overnight til it cleared. I could stir it slightly to mix in LME which had started to drop and got my reading of 1060. Any better methods than leaving overnight?
  19. Roddy J


    Thanks @MikeBusby. My cold crash currently is more of a cold skid as I just take it off the heat pad and let my cold Edinburgh garage do the rest. 36hrs is OK for me. Mrs J wanted a suggestion for my 50th so this is going top of the list I think 😬