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  1. taxidiver

    What was your first car?

    Going to show my age here, my first car was a 1957 Renault Dauphine. The family had to get out and walk if we went up a steep hill.
  2. taxidiver

    Bit of a rant

  3. taxidiver

    Old beer

    Talk of Chesters reminded me of Wilson’s bitter, but is that only because I’m from Manchester?
  4. taxidiver

    LOVE Brewing " Spiritworks Artisan Flavouring Gift Boxes" Giveaway!

    Vodka mix for me please. Good luck and season’s greetings to everyone.
  5. taxidiver

    Your brewing regime and managing beer stock levels

    An interesting question, which I hadn't really thought about before. I have just been into my garage and had a count up. I have shelving space for 171 two litre bottles plus another 48 in boxes under the shelves, so 219 in total. I brew kits, starting when my last shelf is about half full and...
  6. taxidiver

    Geordie Lager kit

    In 50+ years of kit making, I have never got to the point of throwing beer away, I usually find with a little patience, everything improves with age.
  7. taxidiver

    Keg That Giveaway!

    Rich Creamy Milk Stout please. I feel a touch of the Ena Sharples coming on. 🐄🐄
  8. taxidiver

    anyone got Instructions for wilko golden ipa?

    I bottled this last Friday. The kit instructions say to add the hop pellets after four days, don't bother to stir, just sprinkle and leave.
  9. taxidiver

    Hello from Gloucestershire!

    Welcome to the forum. Get stuck in, you should have a good stock in for Christmas if you don't drink it too quickly.
  10. taxidiver

    New range of kits from Muntons arriving in the spring

    Nice to see someone is producing a milk stout kit. I would love to try and recreate the taste I remember from my youth, but without the faff.
  11. taxidiver

    Name a Beer that makes you go WOW!!

    Dreher bak on draught in a restaurant in Budapest. I bought a load of bottles from the supermarket before I came home.
  12. taxidiver

    how to get Chorizo flavour in beer?

    I have one knocking about somewhere, I even have a pressure server tap run by a sparklets bulb, but perhaps that was for a seven pint can 🍺
  13. taxidiver

    Wilko stout looks like Bisto

    Daft question! You didn't have milk in the coffee did you?
  14. taxidiver

    Does anyone remember...

    You remember Chesters mild then?
  15. taxidiver

    Does anyone remember...

    Aye. When I were a lad!!! My first pint of Chesters mild was 10d. Happy days. :beer1:
  16. taxidiver

    How many litres of home brew 2018.

    23l Wilko Copper Bitter 23l Coopers Stout 23l Sundew 23l Geordie Scottish Export 23l Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 23l Geordie Winter Warmer 23l Geordie Bitter 23l Geordie Lager total 184l running total 7106 Litres
  17. taxidiver

    Free! Inkbird second-hand BBQ thermometer product.

    Put me in the draw too please. I don't remember winning anything since I was at school. Geoff
  18. taxidiver

    Hello. North Warwickshire

    Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place. :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  19. taxidiver

    First brew????

    :lol: If you can wait a couple of weeks. :whistle:
  20. taxidiver

    First brew????

    Don't get too worried about not taking a starting gravity with a kit. The temperature is right, it is fermenting well, do as you plan and all should be OK. With regard to the use of DME instead of sugar, I've only ever used sugar with great success. It seems like unnecessary expense. Geoff