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    30L Keykeg Attachement Advice

    I was thinking a 3" blanking plate with 2 holes drilled for gas/liquid posts
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    30L Keykeg Attachement Advice

    Have you tried connecting a 3" try clamp to the inner container? I was thinking of trimming down the opening so the part where my finger is and then attach a 3" triclamp.. The opening is about 60mm and would then get a float inside.
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    30L Keykeg Attachement Advice

    This is a very clever idea. Do you have any other pictures? Cant quite work out how the thanks for replying - not sure where all my post went... I really want to have a go at this as I have access to the 30L Keykegs. I'd really like to ferment under pressure as up until now just been using them...
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    Pressure Fermentation DIY vessel?

    did this work? was thinking this collar could be used on a key keg?
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    Hello from Crawley.

    Hello from Crawley also, West Green!