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  1. dcbrookes

    First brew with Brewzilla G4

    The G4 malt pipe has the same proportions as the G3 malt pipe which you seem to use quite happily. As you do not have a G4 and have probably not used one your pontifications are of little value.
  2. dcbrookes


    The perversion is wanting to go to Asda.
  3. dcbrookes

    Which Hops would you never use again

    Jester - I hated it so much I threw over half a packet away.
  4. dcbrookes

    question on using a digital refractometer

    +1 for the Milwaukee - great piece of kit and not too expensive.
  5. dcbrookes

    Fermzilla Gen 3

    Pulling the PRV to start the flow reduces the pressure in the whole system and often leads to the yeast bubbling up from the bottom of the fermenter during transfer. I find a better way is to put some CO2 pressure into the fermenter (via the gas post) to start the beer flowing. Once the flow...
  6. dcbrookes

    Brewzilla Gen 4 advice and experiences

    This SS Brewtech manifold is too big for the BZ4. I made a smaller version out of some copper tube and I find it works very well.
  7. dcbrookes

    Map of water hardness in England & Wales

    Just "no" would have sufficed as an answer without the sarcastic addition of things of which I am well aware.
  8. dcbrookes

    Bevie and Keg King Distributing Partnership.

    Malt Miller have a good supply of KK stuff - it might clarify things if they were prepared to tell us who their wholesalers are!
  9. dcbrookes

    Map of water hardness in England & Wales

    This is too small a scale to show local variations - do you have a much larger or scalable version?
  10. dcbrookes

    Brewzilla Gen 4 - Struggling to get to boil point

    No it isn't. I get better results with the PID turned off. I use the heat exchange dish and the built in temperature probe and regularly get 84% efficiency and a mash temperature within 0.5C of desired setting. I do not use the BT thermometer and I turn the power down to around 800W when...
  11. dcbrookes

    Brewzilla pump plumbing bypass

    Why are you using the pump during the boil? It is unnecessary and risks damaging your pump through cavitation, as well as subjecting it to extra wear and tear. I never use a hop spider and have had no blockages after over 40 brews in my BZ G.4. Running the pump during the boil will draw hop...
  12. dcbrookes

    Keg washer with 15mm pipe?

    The biggest advantage is that a keg cleaner uses much less water and oxy soluntion - mine needs 7 litres: it would be less if I changed to a smaller bucket.
  13. dcbrookes

    Brewzilla pump plumbing bypass

    Hearsay and internet tittle tattle. The Gen 4 is a fine machine and no more likely to suffer problems than any other AIO.
  14. dcbrookes

    Brewzilla pump plumbing bypass

    It makes sense to modify as per the instruction manual. I did this and after over 40 brews I have never had a pump blockage (I always use pellet hops).
  15. dcbrookes

    Three Tuns XXX

    When I lived near Bishops Castle (I left there five years ago) they also had a beer called Rantipole - an OG of only 1036 but full of flavour.
  16. dcbrookes

    Would you swap your all in one?

    What I didn't like about the G40: 1. Too big and heavy. The CIP was a PITA; it is so much easier to put the BZ beside the sink and hose it clean. I estimate that I save half an hour compared with the G40. 2. The grain basket on the G40 allows too much malt to escape. I used setting 5 on the GF...
  17. dcbrookes

    Would you swap your all in one?

    I swapped my G40 for a Brewzilla G4 and haven't regretted it for a moment.
  18. dcbrookes

    Choosing - Brewzilla 35l vs Brauheld Pro 45l vs Brauheld Smart 45l

    I had some doubts about this when I bought my heat exchanger disk. In fact it works without any problems and I do not use the pump during the heat to boil phase.
  19. dcbrookes

    Anna's Brewdays

    Executive Medical Director! well done.