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  1. Ben034

    Malt extract - Holland and Barrett 25% off and free delivery

    25% off with free delivery. Good price for liquid malt extract for starters. Just ordered nearly 1kg for £4.78.
  2. Ben034

    Wanted - Carbonation Caps

    Hi, I'm looking for some carbonation caps (plastic or stainless steel) if anyone has some surplus to requirements? Just wanted to check before I order from ebay (£17 for 3) or China which will take ages! Thanks
  3. Ben034

    Maple and Blueberry Stout

    Had some leftover ingredients from a stout and decided to go a bit left field for me and brew a maple and blueberry stout. With it being pancake Tuesday I based it on a beer I've never tried - Sugatuck Blueberry Stout. "A rich, sweet stout with classic malt characteristics with a bold, unique...
  4. Ben034

    Adnams Ghost Ship 5l mini kegs

    Adnams Ghost Ship 5l minikegs for £13 delivered on Amazon. Seems like a decent price and it's the kegs that can be easily reused (red bung on top).
  5. Ben034

    Mangrove Jack's Chitosan finings

    Just wondered if anyone has tried the Mangrove Jack's Chitosan finings? I Currently use gelatine finings when I want a light beer to clear quickly. Works well but I read the benefit of these are they work well at ale temps (instead of chilling beer post fermentation and adding gelatine). They...
  6. Ben034

    Ispindel for sale

    I have an Ispindel for sale which I bought pre made from a member on Jim's. Not used much as found all the calibration tricky and wasn't ideal in my steel fermenter. £20 + postage.
  7. Ben034

    2l "mini keg" with PET bottles

    Hi, I just wondered whether anyone has tried someting like this for dispensing small amounts of beer? I was thinking of this but perhaps with a 16g C02 type bulb and mini regulator. I currently bottle and mainly have no issues with this. However, I can see this being useful for lagers /...
  8. Ben034

    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    Has anyone had a go with the relatively new Crossmyloof Hell lager yeast? I need a new house lager strain after my WLP830 has been reused 7 times. I was considering just going for the same again or something like Wyeast Munich Lager 2308 but thought if the Hell is decent, cheap and with the...
  9. Ben034

    Dark Belgian Candi Sugar - Maltmiller

    Got a Belgian dubbel on to brew today. Not a style I've gone for before and I used 150g dark Belgian Candi sugar from Maltmiller with a 3kg base of pilsner malt. This was for a 10l batch. Brewday was smooth enough but the colour of the wort was much lighter than I expected. At first I thought...
  10. Ben034

    Fuller's yeast (WlP002) - final gravity

    I recently harvested some yeast from a bottle of Fuller's Bengal Lancer for a clone attempt of the beer. Beersmith predicted an FG of 1013 (OG 1055). This was with a mash temperature of 64c (lower than I would usually mash as beersmith predicted FG of 1015 with mash temp of 66c). So 84%...
  11. Ben034

    Fuller's yeast (WlP002) - phelonic?

    I have cultured some yeast from a bottle of Bengal Lancer (I understand supposedly equivalent to the WLP0002 strain). All has gone well in terms of yeast growth. Im brewing with it today and had a little taste of the starter just to check as I always do. It's quite strongly phelonic / clove like...
  12. Ben034

    Water profile - London Pride

    Looking for some advice on a water profile for London Pride. I have cultured up some yeast from a bottle of Bengal Lancer for the first time and thought the Graham Wheeler clone would be a good use for it. My plan for the water so far: Ca- 138 Cl - 85 SO4 - 168 Alk - 35 This is based on...
  13. Ben034

    Brewferm kettles

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of these Brewferm kettles? I currently BIAB in a 19l pot on an induction hob. The pot and has served me well over he last 5 years but is a little small for the 10/12l I like to brew as I have to complete a "mini sparge." It's not the end of the world but I would...
  14. Ben034

    7c's Hop - anyone tried?

    Hi, Has anyone tried the Falconers 7C's hop blend (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Cluster, Columbus, and Crystal)? I'm waiting for a Maltmiller delivery but decided I want to brew an american IPA this weekend and the hop selection at the homebrew shop is limited. Was thinking the...
  15. Ben034

    German Pils - water profile

    I'm planning to brew a German Pils this weekend. Any thoughts on most suitable water profile? I'm planning on using ashbeck (my alkilinity is high) and adding a small amount of gypsum and calcium chloride to end up with the following: Ca+2: 44.5 Mg+2: 2.5 Na+: 10.0 Cl- :38.8 SO4-2: 56.5 Would...
  16. Ben034

    Yorkshire Bitter

    I'm planning a Yorkshire Bitter for the weekend (something along the lines of Black Sheep Ale) and wonder if anyone had any tips, especially on water profile? I'll be trying a Yorkshire ale yeast for the first time. I'm thinking of aiming for 2:1 sulphate to chloride? Any tips? Thanks!
  17. Ben034

    Beersmith 3

    I hear Beersmith 3 will be out shortly - Sounds interesting and some worthwhile reasons for an upgrade.
  18. Ben034

    Wlp830 - quick fermentation

    Hi, I used WLP30 German lager yeast last week for a Munich Helles type beer. It has been at 10c for 5 days and is already down from 1045 to 1014 which I was surprised with. I've never used a true lager yeast strain before so just wondered what people's thoughts were? This is the speed I would...
  19. Ben034


    Hi, is anyone using Brewbrite? Maltmiller are selling this and wondered whether it was worth a go to speed up clarity in bottles, especially with heavily hopped type beers? Was thinking of giving gelatin a go with the cold...
  20. Ben034

    Peach wheat beer?

    Looking for thoughts on a "kitchen cupboard" brew. I usually buy just enough ingredients for each brew but as maltmiller haven't sorted out their recipe builder i've bought a few bags of grain for a pale ale and kolsh and have some ingredients leftover. I brew 9 litre batches so need about...