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  1. gingerneil

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza + hops and brewing sugar ?

    Morning all. Reading a few reviews, the Coopers Mexican Cerveza sounds like it works well with some citra dry hopped. I'm keen to give this a go.. I've got some bog standard brewing sugar left from the 5kg batch I panic-hoarded at the start of lock down. However, the instructions obviously...
  2. gingerneil

    3/4" Anti-Sediment Nut

    Browsing through Brew2Bottle, I see they sell this nut. Is this any good at blocking sediment? Anyone know if I can I bottle straight from the FV, using a bottling stick, even if dry hopped with lots of floaties? Up until now I have siphoned off using a mesh over the siphon end, then put back...
  3. gingerneil


    Selling some iSpindel devices that I've built while trying to fend off the boredom of lockdown and home working! These are on the Cherry Phillip 4.0 boards, and loaded with the latest firmware 6.3.1 (happy to say that I contributed a couple of small changes to the release despite not been a...
  4. gingerneil

    Citrus IPA <5%

    I have brewed a few Mangrove Jacks IPA-style Craft kits. I've been very impressed, but they all tend to come in 5.5% and above. Can anyone recommend a similar kit that would deliver closer to 4.5% ? I could brew long, but expect the flavour would drop off? I like a fruity, citrus IPA with a nice...
  5. gingerneil

    FG when over-sugaring ?

    Morning all. I am in the midst of brewing up some Festival Summer Glory. It comes with 110g priming sugar, but as I like to use sugar cubes in each bottle, I just chucked the priming in with the main brew at the start. Should I still be looking for the gravity to drop to the 1.009 that the...
  6. gingerneil

    Brew2Bottle stock

    Looks like they've just had a delivery - lots back in stock.. if you're quick!
  7. gingerneil

    Anywhere with stock??

    Morning all, I'd like to get a brew going, but nowhere has stock! I dont have a convenient local shop to drop into, and brew2bottle has an empty stock room! Anyone know where I might get a Mangrove Jacks Simcoe pouch ?? Cheers.
  8. gingerneil

    Batch Priming

    I have been using sugar or carbonation drops directly in bottles. However, the Festival kit that I am about to bottle came with a bag of priming sugar. I'm a little nervous about adding all of this to the FV and then stiring up all the sediment prior to bottling. I don't have a second FV for a...
  9. gingerneil

    Mangrove Jack belgian witbeir - lively brew!!

    Started this yesterday afternoon. Brewed using LME and ashbeck from tesco. Pitched at about 25C, maybe a little lower. Since then it's dropped to 23C. All OK... But wow!! Its lively. OG was 1.052, down to 1.03 already. It blew the air valve, so I've put a blow out tube in feeding into a demijohn...
  10. gingerneil

    Festival Belgian Dubbel ??

    Looking for a warming winter brew to kick off when I've bottle up my MG Craft Rye this evening. The Belgian Dubbel sounds very nice - but at 7%+ I wonder if its a little too pokey. Has anyone brewed this one (cant find a review here), and how did ti turn out ? I'm looking for something a little...
  11. gingerneil

    Narrower bottles?!

    I picked up two plastic crates via gumtree recently, but the slots are too narrow for my crown cap 500ml bottles (recycled adnams). The bottles are about 7cm around the slight bulge in the base, the slots measure around 6.8cm!! Are all 500ml bottles a 'standard' size, or does anyone know where...
  12. gingerneil

    LME vs Sugar for Mangrove Craft

    Hi all, I have just received my MG Rye Brew Days pack from Brew2Bottle (great service btw!!). It comes with 1kg LME, but on the main malt pack it says use 1kg LME or 800g brew enhancer. The ABV is estimated at 5.6%, but the LME pack says "ABV increae 1.6-1.7%". Is the 5.6% on the malt pack...
  13. gingerneil

    Recommend a 'winter' ale ?

    I have some Mangrove NZ Pale Ale on the go, and turning my thoughts to what I can brew when that hits the bottles. Thinking about the time of year, it'll be winter before I'm enjoying it. I'm very new to the kit market after some time away, so unsure what hits the top of the recommendations...
  14. gingerneil

    Temp a little low - warming belt/pad?

    My first kit is bubbling away, but at 18C and not the kit instructed 20-25C (mangrove pale ale). It's in the garage, and I don't really want to bring it into the house. Is the lower temp ok, or should I be looking at a belt or pad? These are either on/off - do people use a timer plug, and if...
  15. gingerneil

    First dry hop - splitting a brew ?

    I've just started a Mangrove NZ Pale Ale kit. Its doing its stuff in a 23L FV in the garage. Always one to fiddle and play with stuff, I am very very tempted to dry hop with something like Mosaic. Is it common/sensible to split the beer after 10 days and dry hop only a portion of it for...
  16. gingerneil

    Kit too hot...

    I've just kicked off my first kit for years - mangrove Jack pale ale. I've not pitched the yeast yet as the thermometer is showing 29. Can I just pop the lid on and leave it for the afternoon to cool? Instructions say add at 25. I'll know next time to have some water ready in the fridge!