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  1. Cheshire Cat

    Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild

    I haven't drank mild in 50 years but this beer fascinates me as its called Mild but can be 6% ABV whereas I thought the definition of a Mild was between 3.1% - 3.8%. Has anyone made GW recipe and could they recommend it to a non Mild drinker. Thanks CC
  2. Cheshire Cat

    Bottles or Kegs

    Are different beer styles better from a bottle or a keg? Here's my two pennies worth English Bitter Keg Strong Scottish beer Bottle Pilsner/Lager Either Wheatbeer Bottle Stout Bottle IPA Bottle Fruit beers Bottle Belgium beers Bottle
  3. Cheshire Cat

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    What aspects of brewing that we hold dear are really myths? For example before I came onto this forum I always mashed for 90 minutes and boiled for 90 minutes.
  4. Cheshire Cat

    Will you drink in Wetherspoons when pubs re-open?

    I like their beer and prices but hate the owner so I will boycott them. 😢
  5. Cheshire Cat

    Lost Breweries

    On Facebook I'm part of a group called lost non league football grounds of which I've been on loads. So I thought what about remembering lost breweries. I live in Warrington who have lost 2 breweries in recent years in Tetleys and Greenall Whitley but their ales were not good. In the 80's we...
  6. Cheshire Cat

    Who's watching the first Gardener World without Nigel?

    We will be Mrs Cat (Rose) loves it. I hated gardening until I got into my 60's now I'll watch it.
  7. Cheshire Cat

    Garden Centres

    I'm confused regarding Garden Centres reopening in England. I believe the Welsh ones are reopening but have heard nothing about ours. I'm wanting to get Tomato plants and herb seeds. We looked at the outdoor garden shop at Morrisons but no tomato plants. Help please.
  8. Cheshire Cat

    5 alcoholic drinks I won't ever touch again

    1. Ouzo 2. Vermouth 3. Brewed under license beers 4. Mild 5. Advocaat
  9. Cheshire Cat

    5 Homebrew things I won't do

    Here's my starter for 5 1. Pressure ferment 2. Buy an all-in-one system 3. Dry hop with massive amounts of hops 4. No chill 5. No boil Don't ask why this is just personal choice.
  10. Cheshire Cat

    Does anyone roast base malts

    I was wondering at this time of short supplies and long lead times does anyone roast base malts to produce darker malts or cara malts.
  11. Cheshire Cat

    Birds in my garden

    As I have a lot of spare time I have been recording the birds in my garden feeding on my nuts and fat balls. Robin Great t**s Blue t**s Long tailed t**s Gold Finch Magpies Hooded Crows Jay Blackbird Pigeons Ps can't believe the software censored birds names
  12. Cheshire Cat

    Transporting beer.

    I've bought a corny keg and have some beer to go in it. However I want to then transport it to Devon from Warrington. What advice would someone give about transportation? Eg pressure, storage orientation , leakage etc Thanks