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  1. Get_Er_Brewed

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    INCOGNITO - Advanced Hop Products for Homebrewers Max hop flavour with minimum process loss, packaged in pharmaceutical grade test tubes in a 15ml format perfect for homebrewers 100% Natural Hop Product Brew hop forward beers with ease 100% Hops with Z E R O vegetative material Plays well with...
  2. Get_Er_Brewed

    Brew Monk 30 Litre All in One brewing System & Brew Monk Magnus

    There has been huge demand for these in recent months , we have just received another shipment, if your interested they won't hang about, links below:
  3. Get_Er_Brewed

    Huge GEB Competition - Win a Kegerator Series X - 4 tap

    Kegerator Competition has just gone live across our social media channels, thought i'd let you guys know so you can get entered. Best Of Luck Jonathan The new Series X - 4 tap Kegerator - the new going out is building a bar at home!! Geterbrewed supply home brewers & breweries with their...
  4. Get_Er_Brewed

    Verdant IPA Yeast at Geterbrewed

    Verdant IPA Yeast New Innovative yeast products continue to be launched by Lallemand that fit the trends in beer making, we are proud to be launching the Verdant IPA yeast which has been isolated from the brewery its named after, they focus on hop forward beer styles and this yeast will allow...
  5. Get_Er_Brewed

    Kegerator Series X 4 Tap

    Hi We unloaded another load of these earlier today and updated the website: The last load didn't hang about long, contact us for a details on shipping, best way to ship is via the pallet network Thanks Jonathan
  6. Get_Er_Brewed

    Experimental Beer Kits Series⁠

    Experimental Beer Kits Series⁠ ⁠ Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from a simple beer kit ⁠ ⁠ Homebrew beer kits designed using all of our own products, we recently upgraded the quality of the liquid malt in these kits and changed the recipes, we will also be adding new recipes...
  7. Get_Er_Brewed

    New 25 Litre All Grain Recipes

    We've been working with our key distribution partners to create a range of recipes that appeal to a wide variety of brewers, this project has taken two years and we are super proud to finally have them available. They will be professionally packaged: All grains weighed out and crushed fresh to...
  8. Get_Er_Brewed

    Starsan is back

    Star San is Back!! We expect huge demand in these products as the full range return after awaiting Reach Certification being updated for importing into Europe We have Starsan, Saniclean and PBW in all sizes, no need to panic buy its readily available from here on in...
  9. Get_Er_Brewed

    Sour Yeast Launched by Lallemand - Philly Sour

    WildBrew Philly Sour Lallemand Yeast 11g This first yeast in the WildBrew™ series is a great choice for innovative, sessionable sour beers with refreshing acidity and notes of stone fruit. With high attenuation, high flocculation and good head retention, WildBrew™ Philly Sour is an ideal yeast...
  10. Get_Er_Brewed

    Best Value Hops - Australian, American, European.....

    1kg Resealable Hop Packages⁠, yes we've added some extra Australian varieties don't miss out!! ⁠ The most sought after hop varieties in the world from our distributor partners Simply Hops: Barth Haas & Hop Products Australia ⁠ ⁠ Simply the finest hops:⁠...
  11. Get_Er_Brewed

    New Home Professional Wine Making Kits

    If you love your wine.... Something big is happening We are launching a vast new range of wine kits for the home professional , trust us when we say these are incredible. Make this your next venture and start making your own wine Winexpert brings true passion and winemaking expertise to guide...
  12. Get_Er_Brewed

    Geterbrewed Premium Light Liquid Malt

    New Product Launch For us to add our name to something now we want it to represent our brand to be the best that it possibly can be. If you've been trying to find light liquid malt recently you'll know it's been sold out everywhere and we have been working on this product for sometime but...
  13. Get_Er_Brewed

    Wholesale Prices for 1kg Hop Packs at Get Er Brewed

    **Super Fresh Hops **The Latest Harvest **Cold Stored **Nitrogen Flushed Vac Packs **Environment Proof Packaging **Amazing Value UK EURO
  14. Get_Er_Brewed

    Awesome New Hop Varieties now available at Get Er Brewed

    More of the latest harvest has started to arrive and is being updated on our websites. Checkout the new varieties, we know alot of you have been waiting on Sabro... We are very proud to represent the best hop merchants across the globe as their Irish Distributor, we represent Simply Hops, Barth...
  15. Get_Er_Brewed

    The Grainfather G70 at Get Er Brewed

    Get Er Brewed are excited to now offer the brand new and exciting half barrel electric all in one brewing system. The Grainfather G70 is the largest Grainfather made yet, it boasts a strong and robust build quality. The unit is complete with a wort chiller. The all in one brewing system can...
  16. Get_Er_Brewed

    Brewferm Beer Kit Black Friday Deal

    The new and improved range of premium quality beer kits from Brewferm We've added a free 1kg of brewing sugar to every brewferm beer kit purchased as a black friday deal: These kits are really impressive especially the newly branded kits, the...
  17. Get_Er_Brewed

    Chemsan 50% off Black Friday Deal

    Another Real value black friday deal, the entire Chemsan range with 50% off:
  18. Get_Er_Brewed

    Brew Monk All In One Brewing System - Black Friday Only £273.45 includes Chiller & Ingredients

    The Best Deal we have ever put on since we started - This is a REAL Bargain plus its the New and Improved Model!! It isn't too good to be true we hang our hat on having a reputation for supplying the best equipment and ingredients in the industry, this deal includes: The Latest New & Improved...
  19. Get_Er_Brewed

    Starsan, Saniclean & PBW substitutes launching

    We've a new range of cleaning products coming available soon to replace 5 Star Chemicals, we hope to have the Chemipro range available for shipping out on the 11th of November, we have added Chemsan as available from the website today: The New Chemipro Range Alternatives to 5 Star Chemicals can...
  20. Get_Er_Brewed

    Brew Monk All In One Brewing System Promo & Video

    We have a limited time offer on the new Brew Monk System, if you buy a Brew Monk we will give you a FREE Stainless Steel Chiller Immersion Coil & an ingredient kit for your first brew, thats around 70 pounds of freebies, just add a note in the comment box at checkout Checkout the video of the...