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  1. Rento

    Beer Kit Fermented in Corny Keg

    I pressure ferment in a king keg junior which is fairly similar in principle to a corny. It’s a 20l vessel and I never ferment more than 18l to be safe. I do all grain, but wort is wort! My last pressure fermented Pilsner is sitting on the yeast cake since it went into the keg on the 10th of...
  2. Rento

    What are you drinking 2024.

    Changed to a lager/Kolsch tonight…’s been in the keg since late December so ready now….although it’s not crystal clear. Tastes fantastic with a lovely while head and lacing, next time I’d maybe up the ibu slightly. It’s a Schiehallion recipe from an old book I got a hold of called Real Ale...
  3. Rento

    What are you drinking 2024.

    So I had a couple of pints of ploughman’s Poet a while back and loved it! Low abv but full of flavour and body. I contacted the brewer to give praise and he was really helpful in supporting me with advise in coming up with a similar recipe….it come out fantastic! I’ve attached the recipe as...
  4. Rento

    Refilling a sodastream bottle - help!

    I should also note that when I get my large co2 filled, the guy does it in front of me with only gloves as safety gear. It’s a similar process they use with a flex hose and a digital scale for the weight.
  5. Rento

    Refilling a sodastream bottle - help!

    It’s easy and I don’t think unsafe with Kegland style adapter…watch the videos. I do it and never felt at risk. Someone may correct me, but my understanding is that the pressure is the same on both canisters so you’re at no more risk than opening up with no regulator connected. The biggest...
  6. Rento

    How to package beer in a bag?

    So I bagged 5lites straight from the FV last night and pulled a pint this evening. It poured perfect with a decent head, it’s got pretty low carbonation as expected but the head persists so I’m happy! It’s also super cold as at garage temp just now so I guess it’ll be slightly more carb’d when...
  7. Rento

    How to package beer in a bag?

    Thanks for thoughts. I’ll package 5l in a bag as is to try and leave the rest in the fv for a bit longer. I understand the concept of residual co2 after fermentation but breweries still lightly prime their kegs and then vent for dispense. If it’s not ideal I could keg with a table spoon of...
  8. Rento

    How to package beer in a bag?

    Hi, I’m about to split a batch of ale between a corny and a bag so I can use some in my hand pull. Can anyone advise on carbonation in the bag. I.e. should I add some sugar to it and leave it for a week or 2, or just bag it straight from the FV as it is? I’ve only ever run my hand pull from...
  9. Rento

    C02 Cylinder ‘amnesty’…..i.e. return an empty to rightful owner!

    Hi, I remember reading a thread but can’t find it now that had info on how to have a co2 cylinder collected, no question asked and returned to the rightful owner. Has anyone any info? I’ve got a mixed gas BOC cylinder that mysteriously landed in my garden that’s now empty and want to give it...
  10. Rento

    Anyone using a Grainfather SF50

    An update on the SF50 after a couple of uses….I love it! Easy to clean and kept a constant temp even in the garage with just a simple brew belt, inkbird and an diy foil insulation wrap. The only thing that’s no great is when you do a yeast dump the beer drops lower than the pickup so you could...
  11. Rento

    I have a drinking issue and need some assitance.

    Sounds like you want to have a similar setup to what I have. 3 taps, one usually nitro 2 co2 with a mix of styles. I’ve got 4 19l, 2 9.5l and 2 5l kegs. I like to small batch for stronger or let’s say more interesting beers but have found that I almost always use the 19l kegs! I regularly...
  12. Rento

    Anyone using a Grainfather SF50

    As it doesn’t seem like anyone else has one, I went for it! New shiny for my double batches as using 2 buckets was becoming a PIA! I also acquired a free Klarstein SS fermenter and did my first brew with it the other week and have to say I’m very impressed with that as well, so much easier to...
  13. Rento

    Anyone using a Grainfather SF50

    I’m thinking about an SF50 to match my G40, does anyone use one? As I currently have really good temp control through a fridge setup and a bench with heatpad I’m concerned about going backwards as I’m not for spending crazy money on a glycol setup. My main questions are how do you control...
  14. Rento

    Advise on keg size, please

    I’d recommend 19l kegs as they are more cost effective (although I have 19l, 9 and 5’s collected over the years). Then get a 3l pop bottle or 2 (Iceland do them for Pepsi max and others) and use one of these guys: Carbonation Cap Tee Piece Kit I’ve got a few sets of them and use for line...
  15. Rento

    How long will my beer last in kegs?

    I’ve regularly had kegs with beer in that’s around 12 month old and longer which is fine. Some have improved, some have lost a bit, but none have been ruined! if it’s properly sealed and purged with only co2/N then it’ll keep just as long as in a bottle, there are many ‘aged’ beers out there...
  16. Rento

    to BIAB from kits

    I‘ve brewed pretty much every way you can over the years and after the very early days 15+ years ago when I didn’t really understand temperature control I’ve not had the twang you mention. Temperature control (keeping temp constant) really is key (Assuming you’re using a good quality kit and...
  17. Rento

    Recomendtion on a 10l fermenter

    I never use the collar, clips or temp gauge on either my 2x20l buckets or the 10l. It’s unnecessary extra cleaning! I did with the 20 15+ years ago when I first used my original 20l (still in use) but not since. I had to buy a new 10l lid as I cracked mine (stood on it) and it’s great threes...
  18. Rento

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Looks much darker in the pic than it is! A lovely thirst quenching pale ale
  19. Rento

    7l pot for 5l batch

    I‘ve had success doing similar BIAB in the past but it’s very tight, Just top up as mentioned. I’d be more inclined to do partial mash or extract in that size pot though. The other option is to mash in a bucket/FV and then pour the wort into the pot/kettle to boil. Note you can top up with...