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  1. Graz

    Adapting CO2 regulator to 70:30 Beer Gas bottle

    This. If somehow your regulator + "adapter" disconnects itself from a bottle with the valve fully open the bottle can quickly go walkabout unless well secured. Brick walls don't stop them either.
  2. Graz

    West Ham Fans

    Came here expecting something to do with West Ham, disappointing 😛 Come on you irons!
  3. Graz

    Bottle washing and sanitising

    I'm pretty slack with regard to bottle cleaning. Since getting Cornys I don't really bottle anyway but do need a few to handle the difference between a 23L kit and a 19L Corny. When I have one of my bottled beers to drink I give the bottle a good rinse out with hot water, dry it on a bottle...
  4. Graz

    Your day off.

    Whilst I mostly disagree with this, and personally in my job I'm only contactable when my laptop is switched on during my usual working hours, some jobs may necessitate being contactable out of hours. My Dad worked in an oil refinery and did shift work. The plant ran 24/7 needing a minimum...
  5. Graz

    Festival kit low ABV

    The SG is way too low for the kit. The 3kg of malt supplied with Festival kits should give a reading of 1.040 alone. Some of the Festival kits also come with a bag of dextrose to further bump the gravity / ABV. I'd go with what Clint said, if you don't give it a really good stir before taking...
  6. Graz

    General election

    As with everything I wonder what the political leaning of this demographic is in the first place? Is brewing a working man's pursuit, as it was traditionally seen as money saving, so therefore we're all lefties. Or as the years have gone by, craft beer has become trendy (well to hipsters at...
  7. Graz

    Festival kit low ABV

    As per what Clint said I always use the supplied yeasts with these kits. Sometimes they are specific yeasts tailored to the kit types to impart specific flavours and other characteristics during fermentation. Only exception would be if it was past the sell by date. The only premium kits that I...
  8. Graz

    British man killed as London-Singapore flight hit by turbulence

    Sad that someone lost their life in this incident. This is why I always keep my seat belt on during a flight if I'm seated, which lets face it is most of the time, doesn't have to be done up tight. Also goes to show just what the plane itself can deal with without any problems.
  9. Graz

    One for the football fans.

    Thing is once they let AI loose on something like this the decisions could be pretty much instantaneous and infallible. Could one day almost negate the need for match officials, excepting breaking up "arguments" 🙄 Someone mentioned cricket, this sport has adopted pretty much everything that...
  10. Graz

    XL Bully

    I get the no bad dogs just bad owners thing and that pretty much any dog could cause someone serious harm if it wanted to but these dogs are another whole level. I believe with these that the temperament is within the breeding and they potentially have a shorter fuse than most other dogs, so...
  11. Graz

    My experience of homebrew shops recently......

    A few that I haven't seen mentioned yet that generally give great service: Delivery is so fast, usually next day and prices are competitive. Did have a bit of a wobble a while back as I think they were having financial issues but...
  12. Graz

    Cashless society negatives.

    Thought they were cashless already. Dark Web + Bit Coins. Quite anonymous too, for them anyway.
  13. Graz

    Has the law changed on distilling?

    Apologies, I forget about you poor lot over the border 😁 Ironic that in a place where there are quite a few distilleries already you have to set up your own to get reasonably priced booze. It's probably going on already but there must be quite a good business case for driving a van over the...
  14. Graz

    Has the law changed on distilling?

    They might be on dodgy ground by marketing it as a way to make spirits. As has been mentioned there's no law against selling distillation equipment but it is illegal to distil alcohol. Most of the other vendors tend to suggest the stills are for making distilled water, not anything else...
  15. Graz

    Help with back sweetening beer

    I make a bit of wine as well as beer. Metabisulphate doesn't kill yeast, rather it stuns it so it can come back to life sometime later (though not always), it is used as an anti-oxidant in wine making. Potassium sorbate is what you need if the desire is to stop any further fermentation. I...
  16. Graz

    flippin raging I am

    I'd wondered if there was a CO2 detector you could use to look for leaks but had looked for something more industrial as I'd assumed something might actually exist for pubs and so on to use. Searching always seemed to just come up with the leak detector spray though which is just an expensive...
  17. Graz

    flippin raging I am

    Ah, I see, I don't use mixed gas so just assumed the pressures would be similar to just straight CO2. Thanks for the info.
  18. Graz

    flippin raging I am

    Check every connection by either immersing it in water (don't immerse regulators in water) or by using a spray of soapy water and look for bubbles forming. Also why do you need the keg pressured to 40 psi, seems high for any sort of beer, but you would do that for sparkling water.
  19. Graz

    Game changer

    I use a bottle tree which is similar:
  20. Graz

    What would a £40m Greene King brewery mean for a town?

    It's not like they're shifting operations to another part of the country (or even the world), it's just a couple of miles away. Seems like a good idea to me, it should create more jobs in the near term while it's being built and hopefully preserve the jobs of the majority of those who work in...