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    UK & IPA

    Hi Keiron, IPA is still popular here in addition to Carling , Peroni etc. I would suggest that teenagers go for lager and the older crowd go for the ones with more flavour eg. IPA or dark beer Thanks
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    So who's growing chillies 2021?

    Got my first jalapeno which fell off the plant today! Season seems very late this year. Maybe due to rainy June? Tried to sprout a hit naga seed but it never took off
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    Euro 2020, who's watching?

    Yep, in November in Qatar, I believe
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    Anna's Brewdays

    Good job, well done
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    Accidental lager?!

    Hello I brewed Wilko's Feeling Hoppy £16 kit and have ended up with about 35 pints of commercial type lager. Not bad necessarily, but not what I was expecting, obviously. Any ideas? Could it have been packaged with the wrong yeast? Am thinking that I would maybe reduce the priming sugar...
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    Euro 2020, who's watching?

    I don't think he should, although I can't suggest an alternative
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    Euro 2020, who's watching?

    I do think Foden is worth sticking with though. Hopefully he will come good. Along with Grealish
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    Haha, thanks. I put the first one (stout) in a pressure barrel. Then brewed a backup beer (IPA), which is now in a variety of bottles!
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    I made a stout firstly (and IPA shortly after). Have now got about 70 pints to get through! Plan to do a belgian or barley wine when I have stuff to store it in!
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    Fermenter Size for Small Batch Brewing

    Hi Jonno, I don't see any reason why not, but I am a brewing novice! Maybe some kind folk here can provide better advice. I plan to do a smaller brew in a 40 pint size fermenter in the future. Those kits look great. They tend to pair them with 5 litre demijohns I believe. A nice thing to use...
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    No covid jab

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    Hello, Just want to thank the helpful folk of this forum who helped me with my first brew. It turned out surprisingly successful with the guidance I got. Cheers!
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    Beer and football

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    Beer and football

    I have my first homebrew (wilko stout) due to be drinkable on the opening day of the Euros. I think I might wait for my IPA to be ready instead as stout feels like more of a winter beer!? Is anyone else planning to drink their homebrew and watch the football?
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    Nice compositions
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    Plastic coopers brown bottles , **** ?

    I can confirm this is a useful process...have done it by accident myself by putting my surplus brew in fizzy drink bottles!
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    4 day bank holiday.

    Probably not. But something else
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    RAFFLE #18 Grainfather Advanced Brewery Set Up

    Ha! I procrastinated so it seems I am too late to enter. If you do find the whole thing indecorous, I will gladly give it a good home
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    Jaipur IPA

    Looks like it could be a good one. I've stopped buying craft beer because I am poor and find it overpriced and over carbonated. Just hope that my own homebrew is drinkable