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  1. Bvk1983

    an American in France looking to get back into it

    Sorry for kicking a year old topic, but I'm also interested in the Brewtaurus gear. Specific the K70L kettle and PF55L Conical fermenter. I'm still hestitant because I read so few reviews. Any more people with Brewtaurus experiences?
  2. Bvk1983

    Oak Chips?

    If you use oak chips make sure you sanitize them, for example by soaking them in vodka. Other than whiskey vodka won't give much flavor to the oak. I used oak in a couple of imperial stouts which turned out great. Currently I have a barley wine conditioning on oak and whiskey.
  3. Bvk1983

    Trappist rochefort 8 recipe

    Maybe you can get a hand on Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II, that should be the yeast that Rochefort uses.
  4. Bvk1983

    Stout stalled after 5 days

    I grew some more yeast cells in the starter but obvious not enough. I had some doubts about the date of the yeast but some people at the Dutch homebrewing forum ensured me that a 3 liter starter would do the job... The reason I added US-05 is because I assumed it could handle the current...
  5. Bvk1983

    Stout stalled after 5 days

    Would it be useful to aerate actively at this moment or won't that make a difference?
  6. Bvk1983

    Stout stalled after 5 days

    I did a double mash at 65C for 75 minutes each. This was my grain bill:
  7. Bvk1983

    Stout stalled after 5 days

    The stout I brewed 7 days ago stalled after 5 days. OG was +/- 1.140 but after I added al large yeast starter it dropped already to 1.120. The yeast starter was 3 liter, White Labs WLP099 Super High Gravity. I didn't aerate actively because my aeration pump wasn't delivered yet but I rocked the...
  8. Bvk1983

    Bart from the Netherlands

    Thnx everyone. Yes, I jump round canopy. Started 4 years ago to participate in Market Garden memorial jumps.
  9. Bvk1983

    Bart from the Netherlands

    Thnx. I'm from Son, close to the north of Eindhoven. Geldrop is just a few miles south east of Eindhoven.
  10. Bvk1983

    Bart from the Netherlands

    Hello from the southern part of the Netherlands (Eindhoven area). My first brew was 7 years ago, a liquid malt 'brew' which I didn't like that much. In the next 5 years that followed I didn't brew anything until the big C popped up. I picked up the hobby again but this time all grain only. I...