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  1. Ginger_NutZ

    What are you drinking tonight 2023.

    Oh no!! Ive gone frankenstien again. Braggart 18L Simply Ale kit ( notts alle yeast glued underneath?) 2.2 kg supermarket honey ( replace kit suggested 1kg Brew sugar) SG 1.065 19/10/2023 piched at constant 20°C 1.010 17/11/2023 Interfered with long ferment 17/11/2023 1L Asda...
  2. Ginger_NutZ

    What did you brew today?

    October 19 2023 Simply Ale pouch 1kg brewing sugar modified/replaced with 2.2kg supermarket honey. Pitched @ 21°C satchet of assumed Notts Ale yeast. 15L SG. 1.065 Target@ 1.010 ~ 7.22% Hopefully sweeter dry ale or braggart. 9/11/2023 now 10L and cloudy 1.014 cloudy and yeasty . Looking...
  3. Ginger_NutZ

    is my homebrew ok????

    Alcohol is a preservative the higher the abv the longer you can store it for. Fortified wines and spirits can last decades, beers maybe a year or two as long as they are not exposed to bacteria or oxygen.
  4. Ginger_NutZ

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Canning plant - if neil armstrong can do moon, donald trump can rule world ( putin inc) I CAN CAN IN MY spare room . (No cross dressing pom poms here) 😁 🗣️🗣️ Duchess find me an aluminium (oxf. eng.) billet sale on ebay....
  5. Ginger_NutZ

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I was born in '71 not 1871 or 2071 so my young beard is not long enough or short enough for either 'hipster' nor 'ale oracle' but ... IPA is India Pale Ale - ales brewed in British Isles for a 6-9 month boat passage to India during the integration or exploitation of the south Asian continent...
  6. Ginger_NutZ

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Bulldog mead yeast pitched 14 litres at 1.120 SG. Expected FG @ - 1.010 ~ 14.48%. Secondary addittion of 340g squeezy honey to repair flavour. It stuck at 1.060 and still bubbles. Considered adding out of date cider or wine yeast to get the further 0.050 but accepted the experimental and is...
  7. Ginger_NutZ

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Supermarket and conveniencestore Mead. 3x 940g Asda Basics honey. 3 x 340g Convenience store squeezy honey. 1 x 454g Asda Orange Marmalade. 1 x 900g Convenience Diced Pineapple in Syrup
  8. Ginger_NutZ

    Strange facts.

    Im not ready to discuss gravitational coefficients today. Ask Her Majesty's Royal Navy or a free Marine Engineer about load dynamics before you drive.
  9. Ginger_NutZ

    Hello from the allotment

    I use extract kits for beers and make meads near Hillsboro.
  10. Ginger_NutZ

    Sheffield Home Brew Club

    Did not know Sheffield had a homebrew club. Maybe I could attend February?
  11. Ginger_NutZ

    What did you brew today?

    Mead. 4kg Asda Pure Honey 2 Cinnamon Sticks 6 Whole cloves 60ml Asda Extra Special Valencian Orange Extract 10L @ 1110 SG Pitched 14g Bulldog Mead Yeast ( probably too much ) Experimental 2nd mead. We have a local honey producer when I win lottery I might get my honey from them. Concerned...
  12. Ginger_NutZ

    What are you drinking tonight.

    7 months and I've taken a step back ( should read these forums more) Its a Woodfordes Admiral Reserve ( my goto norm ) but I've added Wilco enhancer + medium spraymalt with new addition 25w aquarium heater ( it nearly blew my airlock off) it tastes bad, am adding lemonade, SG 1085 FG 1020. 17...
  13. Ginger_NutZ

    How many litres of home brew 2018.

    sept first stab at homebrew - Woodfordes Wherry 7l oct 2nd bash - Woodfordes Admirals reserve - 17 L ( cant include tomorrows brew day probably 17/18 L ) 14140 litres ( are we ready to compete with AB-ImBrev yet?
  14. Ginger_NutZ


    Just started my second kit. Admirals Reserve by Woodfordes. 20/10/18 17L SG 1056 pitched at 26 degrees. (was worried it might be too warm, but 4 hrs later was chugging away nicely ) First was a Wherry starter kit. A little to hoppy for my tastes. Followed instructions to the letter...
  15. Ginger_NutZ

    What did you brew today?

    new member - first post. Started woodfordes Admirals reserve. 17L, SG 1056. I got a bit carried away with the water. I would've rather done it short at 14-15L. Reading these threads helped me through my first - Woodfordes Wherry starter bought from Wilko's. Thanks.