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  1. scomet

    What are you listening to tonight.

    Jonny Winter Classic, youtube is a goldmine of hard to find tracks - great lyrics btw.. (play loud).
  2. scomet

    R.I.P Thread.

    RIP Sixto Rodriguez. One of the best musicians no one has ever heard of, in the Northern Hemisphere any way, the film Searching For Sugar Man won an Oscar for best Documentary. Every car of my generation had a bootleg cassette in its player, his album Cold Fact is still one of my favourites. On...
  3. scomet

    R.I.P Thread.

    I like to think of her as a lovely soul in a very troubled (unjust) world. Takes some guts to speak against the Catholic Church in Ireland and America..
  4. scomet

    Auntie Beeb will be spinning in her grave.

    CAUTION very bad language but I think this just about sums it up!
  5. scomet

    Malted wheat vs chicken feed

    About -$85% per tonne, usually caused by too little early rain or too much late rain causing stunted growth and low proteins or the latter rust etc. Cheers Scomet
  6. scomet

    Malted wheat vs chicken feed Use all un-malted grains from local growers, I asked which enzymes they use and was told categorically 'None' its their closely guarded secret + they have won plenty of awards. ps Lucky Bay was voted one of the 10 best beaches in the world, looks fabulous but...
  7. scomet

    Malted wheat vs chicken feed

    Don't use wheat at all (I hate the taste) problem solved. Re malted vs un-malted, I always understood you couldn't use un-malted grain as un-malted ‘starch’ wouldn't convert to fermentable sugars? A good friend (scientist) decided to live the life and go pro brewing; all their beers are produced...
  8. scomet

    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    I wouldn’t believe a word of this, Russia has had mercenary troops operating for years they used to be called green jackets? Russians are also congenital liars so much so they have words for what type of lie you are telling they all understand and its considered ‘normal conversation’; one of the...
  9. scomet

    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    This is an amazing piece on the BBC by Sarah Rainsford Ukraine war: The mothers going to get their children back from Russia Anyone wondering when the Ukrainian counter offensive is starting I agree it already has and it’s going to be unconventional and nasty; people talk of a ‘decisive...
  10. scomet

    Recommend a PH meter

    The Ph of the water is unimportant its the ph of the mash that is critical for many reasons. From 'Water' part of the Brewing Series - Cheers
  11. scomet

    Recommend a PH meter

    Another ‘+1’ for the Milwaukee (101) unfortunately with Ph meters you really do get what you pay for and as said keeping the bulb in preserving fluid is critical. But in saying all that since I started using Bru’n Water my mash Ph has never been wrong, I use RO++.
  12. scomet

    Melbourne pubs

    Brilliant vid thx for posting, a VPN works well o/s. Puts to bed the question “can I take the lid off my fermenter?” and a few others - Cheers.
  13. scomet

    90 minute brewday - Raw beer - Kveik Hornindal

    I can't think of s single reason why, SO many reasons why not, good mashing and boiling are crucial to so many parts of brewing good beer. Starch conversions, flavour profiles, fermentation to name a few; that was why I am interested in the Fg. But, if its 55c free air temperature, you've been...
  14. scomet

    90 minute brewday - Raw beer - Kveik Hornindal

    G’day Floyd, Thats an interesting (brave) brew. I have used Sigmund Voss Kveik and that was a savage monster I still have the second vial from 2018! I look forward to hearing the results and Fg. Grain to glass in a week is as fast as the Russians brewed I used to work with. Following picture of...
  15. scomet

    Mash hopping, are you doing it? - Thiols, chelating metals, aroma, habit.....

    Look at first wort hopping there are quite a few threads, its common. Cheers
  16. scomet

    Mash Acidification

    No chill, no sparge, no worries mate..
  17. scomet

    Colour adjustment via toasting

    Midnight Wheat adds colour and no taste.
  18. scomet


    Hi An, I like to call them Faux-Lagers, +1 love the NZ Pilsners, Garage Project 'PilsnThrills' is my favourite - Cheers
  19. scomet

    Choosing a new grain mill

    G’day CRW My advice is to save up a bit and get one of these geared fluted mills and hopper, its my third mill, cost about the same as my first two! This will last me forever I mill quite slowly with a Ryobi brushless drill it does a brilliant job.
  20. scomet

    Best radio or streaming station for the brewery?

    The Archers (from BBC Radio4 tralalalala)