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  1. VW911

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

    Shite !
  2. VW911

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

  3. VW911

    cider brew with OG of 1.032 - advice please

    Depends on how long from pressing to taking a reading. Chances are that the sample that you kept back has probably started fermenting on its' own, thus reducing the gravity...
  4. VW911

    Sloe Berries

    Dried are pretty good. Immerse them in just enough warm water to cover them overnight. Most of the water will be absorbed, so just use the whole lot, the water will be minimal, and have lots of flavour...
  5. VW911

    One for the Capri owners.

    Mate of mine used to love them. Back in the late eighties, he went from a Lotus Capri, to a Tickford, then a 2.8i. I have fond memories of him pulling away from traffic lights at a T-junction in the wet, and promptly stuffing it into the window of Dorothy Perkins...
  6. VW911

    So who's growing chillies 2020?

    My favourite "all-round" chilli! Drying, freezing, pickling, and smoking are all good ways of preserving the fruits of your labours...
  7. VW911

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

  8. VW911

    Cellar 7 Malbec Help

    Made it a few times. Not too bad. Habitually, I brew virtually wine kit a litre or so short!!!
  9. VW911

    King Keg - Leak through pressure valve even though it's new - the valve is new,that is

    Probably the inlet valve (little, normally black, one on the inside of the cap. All of the seals should be replaced regularly as they become brittle over time, especially if in contact with sodium metabisulphate...
  10. VW911

    RIP Peter Green

    Sad news indeed. RIP Peter.
  11. VW911

    Biker Thread

    Tumble drying is an odd one. Quite often you can "re-waterproof" light weight gear by damping then tumble drying it... Don't know if it damages Kevlar, but they say to tumble dry "normal", whatever that means? (I try to stay away from the whole laundry process if possible - that's why I invested...
  12. VW911

    Biker Thread

    Just checked a few pairs. All say "Machine wash 40C". I think that dry cleaning is the big no-no...
  13. VW911

    Cider from apples..

    I was always told not to even look at the cider until the next year's trees were in blossom. Having worked for a (fairly well known) cider making company, I can testify that this is pretty sound advice!
  14. VW911

    Cider from apples..

    I grate my apples in a (industrial size) food processor, then put them through a little 12L press. Each full press of the cage produces about a gallon of juice. If there are a couple of you doing it, whilst enjoying the fruits of the previous year's labour, it can be quite an enjoyable task!
  15. VW911

    Biker Thread

    I would...
  16. VW911

    Biker Thread

    Kevlar reinforced jeans are not all they're cracked up to be. I wear them a lot, mainly for the bike, but also at work. After a few rounds with the washing machine, they wear much the same as normal denim... If they can't handle the power of an Indesit, then I don't think I'd want to put them to...
  17. VW911

    Biker Thread

    Always amazes me when I see muppets riding around in T shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Even on the shortest trip, I wear proper boots, gloves, jacket etc... I have gear for most conditions, but this time of year even my "Air" jacket (basically an armoured string-vest type material jacket) is hot...
  18. VW911

    Biker Thread

    Nice! Always fancied an XT. Used to have a KLR - wish I'd kept it now...
  19. VW911

    Do you use pressure barrels or bottles for your home-brewed BEER?

    Bottle most, Keg some. Depends on what it is, but sometimes do a "half and half". Mainly because I can fit a little 2 gallon PB in the fridge in the camper van without too much grief from the boss!!!