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  1. MmmBeer

    Joke of the day.

    If anyone would like to sponsor me, I am doing a 0.000005k run to raise awareness for laziness.
  2. MmmBeer

    Covid-19 the second wave.

    I received my test kit earlier this week and conducted it that day. It consisted of a plastic block, where you put a drop of blood in one hole and a couple of drops of solvent in another. You wait 10 minutes for a line to change colour and observe whether any of two other lines appear...
  3. MmmBeer

    Why are hydrometer so small?

    I ordered a set of 3 hydrometers online, of 1.000 - 1.040, 1.040 - 1.070 and 1.070 - 1.100 ranges. They arrived this week, after about two months (from China obviously) in a wooden box, with a thermometer. I haven't been able to test them yet for accuracy, but even if I do need to apply a...
  4. MmmBeer

    Bulk Priming sugar per litre Help please !

    I always refer to the priming table in Greg Hughes' Home Brew Beer (the bible). For light lagers, 6.5g sugar per litre.
  5. MmmBeer

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

  6. MmmBeer

    Retiring on £40K, where in the UK would you want to live?

    I agree with what a few people have said that despite our obsession with the weather, the British climate isn't that bad, never too hot, never to cold, but more importantly the range of temperature across the year is probably narrower than anywhere else outside the tropics. Just a shame it...
  7. MmmBeer

    Retiring on £40K, where in the UK would you want to live?

    Bournemouth and surrounding Dorset are very nice, although not the cheapest. Cheltenham is the first place that springs to mind for Georgian architecture, Leamington and Malvern are other possibilities.
  8. MmmBeer

    Camden tabs to adjust sulphate?

    For a best bitter 3.3:1 ratio sounds quite high. CRS contains phosphoric and hydrochloric acids, so is adding to your chloride content, have you considered using Lactic acid or a mix of the two. You could use a low mineral bottled water instead of RO water, I have used Tesco Ashbeck and Asda...
  9. MmmBeer

    Sodium percarbonate..

    I had used the Wilko one for a couple of years, but with the advent of Covid, I tried Asda's own brand and noticed that it rinsed off the bottles more easily and didn't leave so much of the fine powdery coating. Have recently used Morrison's own, which did leave a noticeable coating on bottles...
  10. MmmBeer

    Retiring on £40K, where in the UK would you want to live?

    Both my parents are welsh, but all I could master was 'Dau cwrw os gwelwch yn dda'. It's served me in good stead, I'm sure someone could translate.
  11. MmmBeer

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

  13. MmmBeer

    Premier League predictions: Who will finish where in 2020-21?

    1 Liverpool 2 Man City 3 Chelsea 4 Arsenal 5 Leicester City
  14. MmmBeer

    Retiring on £40K, where in the UK would you want to live?

    As others have said there are too many variables to give a definitive suggestion. Me personally, I grew up in London, but moved away at my earliest opportunity, first to university, then working in various cities around the country. Now in my early 50's I am considering moving somewhere more...
  15. MmmBeer

    Name your favourite shop bought beers.

    When I buy bottled beers in the supermarket, my taste is usually for the stronger ales, such as: 1698 Abbot Reserve (although I also like the original Abbot Ale) Proper Job Greene King IPA Reserve (a million miles from their standard IPA) Old Peculiar (my GW clone is just as good) Too many...
  16. MmmBeer

    Dinner or Tea? [poll]

    It's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I remember talk of tea and supper in the less enlightened days of the 1970's, but now two small meals at 5 and 9 o'clock have been correctly amalgamated into one big blowout at 7. I have often dropped to two meals a day during weekends, brunch and dinner, but...
  17. MmmBeer

    What’s this cheeky chappy called?

    I'm glad you at least qualified the butter as optional. In actual fact, you must never use butter on a bacon sandwich, if you wish your bread moistened, merely dip it in the bacon fat. It's a tradition, or an old charter or something.
  18. MmmBeer

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  19. MmmBeer

    What’s this cheeky chappy called?

    Tell Mrs Hagrid, they're only a batch, if they're baked stuck together and coated with flour.
  20. MmmBeer

    Change one letter. (5 letter)