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  1. foxy

    What Malt Mill?

    Brew2Bottle are getting some in geared 3 roller, not sure on price.
  2. foxy

    Condensation in garage

    Someone on here made up a vent using a galvanised rubbish burner lid and some vent pipe similar to this.
  3. foxy

    Rhubarb, rhubarb......

    I don't know about where you are I split mine last spring, they don't die back here, I get as much fruit in winter as in summer. They send roots deep down so I would definitely be putting them into a bigger pot now, otherwise the roots will be coming out the bottom of the pot.
  4. foxy

    ZInc - problem or not?

    So it is if you are into sea food.
  5. foxy

    ZInc - problem or not?

    We have a mussel stout down here, I believe they only use the shells. Great place to go Portarlington, on the Bellarine Peninsula, not while the festival is on, to many drunks on the ferry, difficult to get through the mussels, my wife and I share a junior portion, the Mussel Stout takes up too...
  6. foxy

    Damson porter/stout

    If it tastes like sherry, then you know its rooted.
  7. foxy

    ZInc - problem or not?

    I think if you read further into what Martin Brungard says the amount of zinc is immeasurable on a home brew scale, so yeast nutrient is the go too. Or you could always toss an oyster into the primary.
  8. foxy

    Keg King's Round Table

    Roughly 0,650 mm to top of the posts and 0,270 mm diameter.
  9. foxy

    What’s this cheeky chappy called?

    I would say bread roll, a cob is a coburg, as in a cob loaf. To Make a Coburg (or Cob) Loaf.
  10. foxy

    Left the mash in the wort - problem?

    Its more than a write off, its a disaster, before getting more grain your time would be well spent reading John Palmers, How to Brew, at least twice, and while your at it report to Chippy tea and take a drop in rank down to Private Crisp.
  11. foxy

    RIP Alan Minter.

    I think he got a point deducted for making a noise while punching. Is Gypsy Johnny Frankham still alive, he was about that era or earlier.
  12. foxy

    Circulation during fermentation

    Not needed on a home brew scale, as mentioned above there is enough movement from the exothermic action of the fermenting yeast. Commercial scale with the tall fermenters, yes, they have paddles continuously stirring the yeast. I believe it relieves the pressure too.
  13. foxy

    What's the law

    Whatever the law is, surely it would be the same for a 'Brew your own' establishment, whereas they will sell you the ingredients, help you make the brew as long as the end user pitches the yeast. Would there be a law regarding age, or the proprietor of the BYO establishment just be using common...
  14. foxy

    Left the mash in the wort - problem?

    Was it all grain? Did you boil it with the mashed grain in the boil? have you pitched the yeast?
  15. foxy

    Best Star SAN Alternative including all new Chemsan

    Mangrove Jacks Starsan/chemsan alternative was recently withdrawn from the AU/NZ market after a young girl was poisoned, though not fatally. Just keep all these cleaners/sanitisers out of children's reach
  16. foxy

    Oxygen Tank

    Some interesting articles by Eric Watson here,(aerate the starter not the wort) there is also a good article Wiley online about aerating, with different amounts of DO, end result was that 7mg O2/litre was slightly slower than 12mg O2/litre but the 7mg O2/litre got a better sensory evaluation...
  17. foxy

    Hopcar Mk3 45l

    I don't think you took into account the dead space in the kettle. But, with you on the full volume, you will lose on efficiency but easily make it up with extra grain. I don't know if you got a top screen with yours, I didn't, but they are pointless anyway. Can't think of a reason for having one...
  18. foxy

    Best Star SAN Alternative including all new Chemsan

    A lot of brewers use Quat sanitiser, I have used it in the past.
  19. foxy

    Yeast still in suspension after bottle conditioning

    Some yeasts take longer to settle out, I would be leaving the bottles in a cool place for a while. They will settle.
  20. foxy

    Brewferm Grain Gorilla

    Three rollers are good, never heard of them getting jammed, problem is you have to rely on the markings on the adjusting knobs as you can't get a feeler gauge in there. I use an old cordless Makita 18v I can keep it at a slow pace just with my finger. I did try a corded drill with a cable tie...