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  1. EVVO

    Cider help

    I have done a few turbo ciders in the past and it has always ended very dry. OK for me but the wife finds it too dry. Did a cider kit for Christmas and it turned out too sweet for both of us. 19 lt in keg now. Is it possible to now do a turbo cider and blend with kit to make something more...
  2. EVVO

    Electric brewing energy costs

    My British Gas smart meters allow me to have free electric between 09:00 and 17:00 on a saturday or sunday. Anyone else taking advantage of this for brewing. I now brew only on a Saturday knowing my electric costs for running my 2.4kw HLT or boiler are free.
  3. EVVO

    Turbo cider not clear

    Made a turbo cider and it had had been fermenting at 20deg for 1.5 weeks when I went away for a week. I left it fermenting because the OG was 1.058 and 1.030 before I left and very sweet. Made a quick trip home today and SG 1.000 tasting good but very cloudy. I am away again for a few days and...
  4. EVVO

    First turbo cider almost there.

    Coming back to brewing after a number of years away. Don't know when turbo cider was invented but I wasn't aware of it last time I was brewing. Having to brew everything in the garage as problems with a pressure barrel caused an extensive sticky mess and I'm not fully forgiven. Did some...
  5. EVVO

    Suitable bottles

    At a sports stadium today and lager was served in plastic screw top bottles. The caps were removed at the bar and there were hundreds of empty bottles left on the terracing at the end. I am wondering if it is worth getting permission to collect some empty bottles and also some removed tops from...
  6. EVVO

    Is it recoverable?

    My granddaughter (7) bought me a beer kit at a car boot. It is out of date by about 3 years but it only cost her 5p. Will it be usable with fresh yeast or do I just get another kit to brew so as not to hurt her feelings.:whistle:
  7. EVVO

    New member NW England

    Hi. Planning my return to brewing. Following a barrel failure about 12 years ago I am banned from the house and will be brewing in the garage. Will no doubt be on here with questions as my plans come together. Cheers Steve