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  1. Covrich

    Hopcar Mk3 45l

    Just got mine last week after making the decision to upgrade from outdoor brewing on a gas burner. really impressed so far heats liquor up really quickly and the accessories are really handy. It will save me time over using the gas burner aswell and its far cheaper than propane A few things and...
  2. Covrich

    Fiery Ginger Ale

    Not sure how this is going to turn out but I have a bit of a thing for Ginger lately even ginger tea so thought I would give this a try I hope it turns out okay, I looked up a few varieties and ideas before compling my own. 13L batch 1.95kg Ireks Pale male 325grams Munich malt 300grams honey...
  3. Covrich

    Zesty IPA

    After doing a very sucessful Saison during the hot summer months with lemon drop hops I thought I would try them in an IPA with some other American hops to see how it goes I may do a small smash with them aswell Pale malt 5kg wheat malt 500grams 40 grams Amarillo 60mins 25 grams Amarillo...
  4. Covrich

    Lemon drop saison

    No idea what this is going to be like to be honest but I go away and in order to maintain long term stocks I thought I would crack something in this heat. It also doesn't help out fridge freezer broke the other day so space for ice bottles in the chest freezer wasn't on. Anyway needless to say...
  5. Covrich

    Blacksheep ish type clone

    Not one for Clones normally but this had a bit of meaning so thought I woudl at least do something of the style anyway Did this a few weeks ago and bottled last week Pale Malt 3.9kg Wheat 450grams Crystal 300grams roast 30 grams EKG 30 grams 60mins EKG 15grams 10mins Fuggles 15grams 5mins...
  6. Covrich

    pseudo larger yeast compacting

    Come across a problem I have yet to suffer before I made a fake lager and I used CML US Pale yeast (I know not perhaps the ideal), fermentation went fine trying the beer at bottling time is fine, and I think if I were to draw some out of a bottle its nice.. However the yeast in the bottle...
  7. Covrich

    Porter pellicle

    So several weeks ago I made a Brown porter, first ever attempt at this style, brew day went great and it hit its SG and FG fine..I however had left and left and left it. Father passed away suddenly so it was at the back of my mind.. Now anyway I finally came to bottle it an noticed a pellicle...
  8. Covrich

    Lowicks syrup

    Was in Tescos the other day and saw some of this raspberry flavour, thought I would pick some up ti try and make a raspberry TC.. I only got one bottle 400ml so was thinking of maybe doing like a 10Liter TC. The only thing is I know it is quite concentrated and I don't really want to be brewing...
  9. Covrich

    Cold steeping a porter

    Hello In the past I have brewed a few stouts and black IPA, however I did with a stout cold steep the dark roasted grains and chocolate malt and on that occasion I think the effect was pretty good.. I actually liked that I got all the flavours and it was smooth without harshness Has anyone...
  10. Covrich

    ESB v3

    Never had teh greatest luck with this style for some a few reasons mostly caused by me but like the style and giving it another g (lost my own brew thread) anyway went with 4.8Kg MO 120 grams dark crystal 230 grams caramalt 200 grams golden syrup (thought I woudl try it) 38 grams EKG 6.5% 60...
  11. Covrich

    Forum Change

    As you can probably see there has been an update to the forum which is something that has already been rolled out on the sister site HTB. Obviously there are a few glitches right now but the Owner / Admin will be looking into it and hopefully things will start to operate normal I have approved...
  12. Covrich

    Ekuanot Cryo hop power

    Brewed my first brew using cryo hop powder.. Never brewed with this or Ekuanot either.. It was complimentary but I pretty much made a smash brew with this (technically its not as I used some northern brewer to bitter and I added some cararye). Anyone brewed with these types of hop powders...
  13. Covrich

    Cool Brew bag Crash

    For those who own them People might be interested to know I managed to get a 2ºc with this bag yesterday, Aided by moving by bag and fermenter to my conservatory which is obviously cool this time of year and putting 1 5L and 1 2L ice bottle in it After adding Gelatine yesterday at 8ºc I...
  14. Covrich

    Quick Lager method

    Giving this a go , anyone done it before? Brewed on friday 4.8kg lager malt 450 gram wheat Hops were Mittlefru and Saaz with Saaz @ 5 mins and some flame out 2 sachets of SAF lager 23.. ( this was ingredients bought by my parents to make a stella clone for my birthday) but even so it...
  15. Covrich

    They drink it in the Congo

    Has anyone made a beer like Um bongo? I threw together some ingredients left overs and all that MO some pale malt a bit of wheat rye with simcoe and citra and used CML US ale yeast and its all bottled now but what I have can only be described as beer Um Bongo.. Not complaining its...
  16. Covrich

    swing top locks

    This is probably a stupid question but here goes I ordered 24 swing tops off get er brewed, bottles came they didn't send the actual swing tops.. Now I was on holiday just after but its been nearly two weeks since I am back and I feel like i am going no where to get them other than we...
  17. Covrich

    one disater after another

    Despite all the brews I have done this one I have now has just been one test after another 1st of all the CML yeast stuck dead after 2 days (wasn't even that I think) stirring it got it moving if only brief for a few hours I repitched which didn't seem to do alot although adding a sugar...
  18. Covrich

    What would you do

    Well as I mentioned in the CMY thread I had my first time experience with a stuck brew, after all these years I finally had one, now the real ale yeast is supposed to be a high attenuating one but iit stuck around 1020.. after some stirs and waiting it looks like it may be closer to 1018 but it...
  19. Covrich

    Quick Lager method

    Well yesterday I turned 36 and my mum and Dad kindly got me some brewing supplies.. obvioulsy this goes back to something I used to drink as a kid but they got me.. wait for it... some ingredients to clone stella!! however the recipe is from the 80s What I actually have is loads of lager or...
  20. Covrich

    Danstar ESB

    Sorry did a search coulnd'd find anything.. anyone tried this?? Cheers in advanced