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  1. BeerCat

    Covid-19 the second wave.

    I fear the dump i live in will be locked down for ever. No one is dying but the infection rate is going up
  2. BeerCat

    Covid-19 the second wave.

    Mate works for a large funeral director. They are burying less people than normal Nice one. Feel free to pm me with what you said that has been removed. :) I am down the road from you and totally agree. My Swedish relations think we are insane.
  3. BeerCat

    Purging bottles with co2 prior to filling from the keg

    I have a splitter on the line that comes of my regulator with a tap and 40cm length of 3/8" tube. Chill the bottles, purge and fill from the faucet slowly at low pressure.
  4. BeerCat

    Brew fridge electrical help.

    Homebrew Chris has a video on doing the thermostat. Its a matter of connecting 2 wires.
  5. BeerCat

    Brew fridge electrical help.

    The thermostat is in there if you want to bypass it. Its an easy job but i wouldn't try to move it. Is it a small fridge? Mine easily fit 2 33l fv's or a 60l and 33l.
  6. BeerCat

    Brew in a basket > Brew in a malt pipe?

    Or you could just buy a bag for under a tenner and use that. I gave up looking for a cheap and large enough basket and now happy with a bag. Its easy to clean as well. Mesh can be a pita to get all the bits out off. Regarding lost wort in the deadspace , pour it in a large jug, let it settle ...
  7. BeerCat

    Seeking a good bitter recipe

    You will want to adjust your water with chloride and gypsum. Have a look at this thread here.
  8. BeerCat

    Ridiculous ebay homebrew listings

    I use theirs now, they are perfect and cheap.
  9. BeerCat

    Irish Stout from GEB planned - any advice welcome

    Treacle is burned sugar, a whole tin could be overkill. 17L is the amount they say to add to the mash, you will need to sparge as well to end up with approximately 30l before boiling. You should lose 5l to the grain and whatever evaporates during the boil. I generally do 25l mash and 15l sparge...
  10. BeerCat

    Healthy drinking

    I drink everyday whatever i feel like. Sours have reduced my input though.
  11. BeerCat

    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    As far as i remember that film is based on Dr Richard Allen Miller.
  12. BeerCat

    BeerCats beers

    Its partly for efficiency as i do a full volume mash and to make a highly highly fermentable wort. The long mashout is for pasteurisation as the wort is not boiled.
  13. BeerCat

    BeerCats beers

    Best sour i have made so far and ready in 2 months. Very hard to stop drinking. Going to make sure this is available all the time. Its a lot more complex that a lacto/sacc fermentation and well worth trying out. 25l batch OG 1040 FG 1000 ABV 5.25% SRM 3 3kg maris otter 500g pilsner 1kg...
  14. BeerCat


    What i do for bottling sours is shake up a starter or some fresh yeast cake and add 1ml to each bottle with a pippete.
  15. BeerCat


    I do no chill for everything now. Get a cube and pour into the fv the next day.
  16. BeerCat


    Very annoying. I just dumped my first batch in ages. Smelled much the same with added nail polish and it only got worse. Not exactly sure what happened but it was fast and the fv took a lot of cleaning to get rid of the smell. Unfortunately its just one of those things, could of been the yeast...
  17. BeerCat

    Lager yeast starter temperature

    room temp is fine
  18. BeerCat

    WLP300 - slow fermenter?

    No its not normal. I once had a pack that took ages to get going which i chucked. I turn mine around in 6 days. I would be inclined to pitch new yeast and hopefully you wont have any off flavours.
  19. BeerCat

    Porter recipe advice please

    Thanks NB. Happy with my stouts but never brewed a porter i have enjoyed. Can i get away with extra dark crystal or is it too much at that rate? I am presuming i like brown malt, probably not used it to its full potential yet.
  20. BeerCat

    Keeping cool

    I put 3 ice packs under a fv and that worked well with a wet towel on the garage floor. Fridges though, i already have 4 so more might be taking the p**s.