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  1. Gingerbrews

    Kronenbourg in a dark blue bottle

    West Brewery in Glasgow do a Vienna Red
  2. Gingerbrews

    Osprey's first Brewzilla Brew Day

    @Seghes, did you set the temp at HH? My boiling temperature, on the brews I've done so far, has been indicated at 109C.
  3. Gingerbrews

    The price of grain

    If you look at the futures market for Milling Wheat for next month and 6 months's time, you'll find very little difference. I don't doubt that the weather has been difficult for farmers, but most of this year's crop will already have been sold.
  4. Gingerbrews

    The price of grain

    Also reported however that the actual price of wheat is lower now than at the beginning of the year! Scaremongering story I feel
  5. Gingerbrews

    Murky beer from Robobrew

    Yes, it was. Have you had a similar problem?
  6. Gingerbrews

    Murky beer from Robobrew

    Tastes ok, just looks foul!!
  7. Gingerbrews

    Murky beer from Robobrew

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. The most Murky brew is a clone of Geary's Pale Ale from the Clone Brews Book . Thinking of other variables has made me realise that these have all been made with Crisp Pale Malt, this is the first time I've used it. A possible reason?
  8. Gingerbrews

    Murky beer from Robobrew

    I do a 60 min boil. Haven't considered water profile but will give it a thought. I'm in Glasgow so don't think Thames Water would help :laugh8:
  9. Gingerbrews

    Murky beer from Robobrew

    Got my Robobrew/Brewzilla in June and have done 6 brews so far. Apart from Brew No.3 (which was a Coniston Bluebird clone), brew Nos.1,2,4 have all been really cloudy. Brew No.1 particularly is a tried and tested recipe and a favourite of mine which I have brewed many times with great success...
  10. Gingerbrews

    Nice or Nasty.

    Nasty!!! Mussels
  11. Gingerbrews

    Bobek Ale

    I brewed this at the beginning of lockdown as I had Bobek lying about from my Bitter & Twisted clone. Must say that the Bobek flavour is not for me. Nothing wrong with the beer, just not to my taste. Funnily, I bought a couple of bottles of Bitter & Twisted to compare with my effort, (not...
  12. Gingerbrews

    Robobrew 3.1.1 not impressed.

    @Gerryjo, did your problem with the Robobrew get resolved? I'm preparing to brew this morning, a go at @foxbat`s Mainline bitter
  13. Gingerbrews

    How often do you brew?

    @Lesinge could you post a recipe for the Wm Youngers IPA please
  14. Gingerbrews

    Robobrew 3.1.1 not impressed.

    Yes, I must say I have been very impressed by BKT throughout my purchase, and they are on my "go to" list when I eventually go to Cornies:laugh8:clapa
  15. Gingerbrews

    Robobrew 3.1.1 not impressed.

    I bought mine at the same time as you: have done 4 brews with it, all has gone well. Hope yours is just a rogue one
  16. Gingerbrews

    Elderflower Pale Ale

    Tried the Greg Hughes Elderflower Ale last night. Afraid to report it's not a patch on the Jas Morton's one. Oh well, I've only got another 9.5l to drink:laugh8:
  17. Gingerbrews

    Air rifles?

    And if you're in Scotland,you'll need a licence.athumb..
  18. Gingerbrews

    Small batches??

    Update on 5l experiments: Challenger SMASH (which was essentially a Coniston Bluebird clone): A great success, so much so did a 23l batch in the new Robobrew Mild: Turned out ok only. Still have 3 bottles left, hoping it may improve ESB: Terrific. Planning repeat already Bobek Pale : Not...
  19. Gingerbrews

    Pen for lableing brown glass bottles

    Got mine from Lidl. All colours and dirt cheap. Find the white ones are the best.
  20. Gingerbrews

    Testing gravity from Demijohn.

    When I do 5l batches in demijohns, I tie a piece of fishing line ( sanitised of course) round the top of the hydrometer before I drop it in. That way it's easy to retrieve.