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    little white lumps

    well i made a chardonnay kit about 6 weeks ago and left the bottles in the fridge i went to get one last night and it has white lumps in it some are kind of longer and curled up and others are just lumps do u think it safe to drink or shall i bin it didnt taste to bad when i tried it
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    just wandered if anyone has used budweiser bottles i just got about 150 from a pub, and wandered if they were any good cheers mat
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    cheap kettles

    just a quick question if i get a cheap kettle to build a boiler doesnt iit keep turning of when the water as boiled like all kettles do, or does it not do it as its removed from the kettle sorry not to good with the electrical side of life mat
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    another brew on the go

    when i got home i had 2 x 5 gallon fv 200 bottle caps 10 litre of apple juice 8 ltrs of grape 8 litre of orange a bitter kit a stout kit and a lager kit so i got the lager kit on and its smellin good im just on my way back up to tesco for a granary loaf :whistle:
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    cider yeast

    ok guys gonna make some cider and i got a pack of cider yeast im gonna make a gallon of the cider first to see how it turns out my question is do i add the whole pack of the yeast im sure i read somewhere that u add the whole pack wether your doing a gallon or 5 gallons cheeers mat
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    just bought aload of grape, apple, tropical and orange juice the carton ones and it says on there from concentrate. i cant remember seeing that on my last lot and wandered if it will still be ok to use for cider and wine cheers mat
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    bet u heard this before

    ive put on a youngs harvest pilsner, its been in the fv for 8 days and the gravity reading is at 1.000 there is a horrid smell coming from the fv when i take lid of i assum its the co2 kinda tingles ur nose but the pilsner itself is rather dark in colour now im not an expert and dont think...
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    could be daft

    im currently brewing a lager kit its soon gonna be bottled but someone said about bottle bombs which got me thinking is it possible to add some stabilzer to stop the fermenting, if so could u still make it fizzy by adding sugar to the bottle. and can u add campden tablets to get it to clear...
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    chat room

    just wandered where the chat room has gone it was there the other day but now i cant find it mat
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    how long is safe

    just wandered once the bubbles are stopped on a pinlsner kit how long is it safe to wait until it needs to be bottled t the moment im down to 3 bubbles a min, so i think its not gonna be long till they need bottling the reason i ask is my capper hasnt turned up yet and it may not be here till...
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    could some one please do me a great big favour im after some glycerine but i havnt a clue as to which one to get ive searched and at one point it came up with moisturiser so please could some one post a link to it here for me pretty please :pray: mat
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    youngs pilsner

    has anyone brewed one of these Young's Harvest Pilsner 40pt if so im looking for a liitle advice i think its stopped fermenting, the bubbles have virtually stopped and the hydrometer is at 1.004 but the beer is still rather cloudy and darker than i thought it would be will it clear and...
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    well im abit of a plonker i put my home brew on ( lager kit ) and its now ready i got all the bottles and caps but i forgot the capper does anyone know of away to put the caps on with out the tool mat
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    well i guess this could go in here or the beer forum but my question is i forgot to take the sg when i made a wine is there any way i can work out how much alcohol is in my wine now that ive bottled it mat
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    turbo cider advice

    put my turbo on yesterday and checked it this mornig, on the top there seems to be a real thick head it looks like real thick heavy bubbles with white bits in does that sound normal, i will be able to get a pic of it this afternoon when the boss gets back with the camera. i only ask as my lager...
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    well chuffed

    well today my wine was ready for bottling, so i was up at the crack of dawn ( 8:30 lol ) and sterilised everything and started bottling. i know its only a kit but gotta start some where i tried it already and it tastes great so im well happy with the results i just cant wait now for the wow...
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    its on the go

    well i finally got round to making a blackberry cider i went and picked some blackberry's this morning got them home and got a litre of juice from them which i added 2.5 litres of apple juice and a litre of pear juice, teaspoon of cider yeast and a table spoon of honey does this sound about...
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    well i just bought some stuff to make a wow and ordered the wrong stuff, now i will have to wait till i get paid again heres what i ordered dried active yeast potassium sorbate campden tablets yeast nutrient i didnt get glycerine pectic enzyme tannin im gutted really wanted to get a batch...
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    blackberry cider

    ok i posted before about having alot of blackberry and apples and i would really like to make a blackberry cider ive searched the net but cannot find anything ( although im not the best with one of these machines ) so does anyone have an idea of how i should go about it even if youve not...
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    what a relief

    yesterday i put my first pilsner kit in to ferment and there wasnt alot going on, i was getting abit worried tonight i just checked it and hey presto its bubbling a gooden, feel abit better now its off and running cant wait to try counting down the days