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  1. ChilledGecko

    BSP vs NPT fittings - which type to decide on?

    Hi all, I’m looking at getting my all grain adventure underway and I’m designing and looking at parts and redesigning and slowly going mad... I have a general idea of where I’m going but I notice fittings can come with an option for either BSP or NTP thread options. I understand the technical...
  2. ChilledGecko

    Power of sharing

    Indulge me a minute. I started home brewing some 40 odd years ago, plastic buckets shoved into the heating cupboard curtesy of Boots. Gave up, not surprising looking back. Restarted less than a year ago. The amount of kit available now is a magnitude greater than I was used to, and daunting in...
  3. ChilledGecko

    Latest hobby - CNC router

    I've just taken ownership of a Chinese CNC Router. No instructions, hookie software, no indication of connections from control box to PC, no idea which software to use for control. Not a clue about the whole design CAD/CAM/Machine process. Fun times ahead! I love a challenge clapa
  4. ChilledGecko

    Keezer is finished (at last)

    Guys, my lockdown project was to get myself a keezer up and running. My first issue was freezers became rarer than hens teeth, but I found a new one an negotiated with the boss to swap with the old one (no contest!) Wood delivery was also in short supply so I re purposed a lot of old decking...
  5. ChilledGecko

    Corny labelling - ideas please

    Hi guys, My keezer build should start next week (deliveries permitting) and my thoughts have turned to identifying the kegs sitting in the keezer. At the moment I make up an A4 sheet which I stick to the side along with relevant info. With the kegs in the keezer I’ll not be able to see the...
  6. ChilledGecko

    My Christmas brew isn't 'Christmassy'

    Hi guys, my first brew after a long gap and it seemed appropriate to make a Christmas ale, why not? It was a Wilco Winter Ale which had a sachet of Christmas flavouring which I added at the specified time. OG 1050 / FG 1018 (ABV 4.2%) Pressure fermented at 10psi, left to clear and then 15 litres...
  7. ChilledGecko

    Youngs American Amber Ale - Under pressure and kegging?

    Hi guys, I have new kit on order as I'm starting from zero after a long break. I've not decided on my first step brew equipment yet, so I'm going the beer kit route for a while to spread the cost as well as clarify what I actually need. So, my first kit (arrived today) is a Youngs American Amber...
  8. ChilledGecko

    Hi there!

    Just joined as I'm looking to rekindle my interest in homebrewing after too many years away. I'm amazed at how the technology has moved on while I've been gone! Tinned gloop replaced by grain and BIAB systems - wondrous times. I've yet to get my head around where to start, I have nothing at the...