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  1. paul3944

    Brewery Electric Control Panel

    Has anyone got any experience of building a panel or where to buy one already assembled? I’m looking at a electric 3 vessel setup however there is no control panel. I’m just trying to work out how much a panel would cost and any special requirements ie upgraded supply from the fusebox. Thanks
  2. paul3944

    Wanted: Beer Gun Filler

    Hi, In need of a decent Beer Gun, seems all the usual retailers are sold out. I don’t fancy a cheap Chinese that would probably fall yo boys. Thanks Paul
  3. paul3944

    BrewZilla 65l Max Output

    Hi, Can any confirm what the maximum output can be achieved from the BrewZilla 65L? The manufacturer states it is capable of double batches. I’m curious to what owners have managed to squeeze out of it in one session, basically I’m looking to fill 3x corny kegs from one session.
  4. paul3944

    SS Brewtech Chronical Neoprene Jacket

    SS brewtech Chronical Neoprene Jacket for sale. Brand new Bought in error when i was after the Brew bucket jacket. £20 delivered
  5. paul3944

    Brew Bucket Temp Control - FTS Query

    The temps in my garage have dropped considerably over the last few days, and I was considering some kind of temperature control (heating) for my SS Brewtech Brew Bucket. Is it possible to just the OEM (FTS) heating kit without using the cooling kit and all kinds of pipework? My garage is about...
  6. paul3944

    For Sale: FastFerment conical fermenter

    Hi, Up for grabs is a well used FastFerment conical fermenter. It has the temp gauge and also the spigot modification for sampling. I will throw in my homemade wooden frame so you can place it anywhere. �£45 collected from Liverpool Regards Paul
  7. paul3944

    Mangrove Jack Newcastle Yeast

    Hi, Has anyone any experience of using MJ Newcastle Yeast? I brewed a AG Brown Ale and used this yeast. It's been in the Corny for almost 3 months now and will not clear. I've used copious amounts of finings and the thing still wont clear! A quick Google reveals some bad reviews...
  8. paul3944

    Free: 30 odd Grolsch style bottles

    Hi, Having a clear out off the garage and have 30 odd Grolsch style flip top bottles including crate for free. Located in Liverpool. Collection only please. Thanks Paul
  9. paul3944

    Youngs Ale Yeast

    Brewed an AG TT landlord clone last week and used 1x Youngs Ale yeast. I noticed airlock activity was absent however there was a large krausen, There was also a bad rotten egg smell. After a bit of research this yeast comes in 5g packets and not the usual 11g. I pitched 1x packet. I...
  10. paul3944

    For Sale: All Grain Equipment - Liverpool

    Hi, SWMBO has decreed that I have too much gear taking up space in the garage and has given me the Green light to get a Grainfather on the proviso that my current gear goes. 40 Litre Buffalo Boiler with the following Mods: Thermal cut out replaced with a 140c version. SS ball valve with bazooka...
  11. paul3944

    HLT Temp Controller Diagram

    Now that I've been banned to the garden for brew days, I'm looking at a better way of controlling my HLT temperatures. Does anyone have a PID based wiring diagram for 2x Value kettle elements? I did search but a lot of the older posts have broken links to pictures. Kind Regards Paul...
  12. paul3944

    Beer Engine Setup

    Sadly parting with my hand pump Beer engine setup. Includes the pump overhauled about a year ago. Non return valve. Polypin This is all you need to dispense your own brew ideal for party and Xmas!! ��£80 ovno Collection from Liverpool or can post at buyers expense.
  13. paul3944

    Grain Mill

    Decided to part with my grain mill as its surplus to requirements Similar to this http://www.thehomebrewcompany.co.uk/grain-mill-p-1197.html �£30 collected from Liverpool Regards Paul
  14. paul3944

    King Keg and S30 bottle

    Gradually replacing my king kegs with cornys. A good used condition bottom tap king keg with a S30 bottle almost brand new. £45. Collection preferred from Liverpool but can post at buyers expense. Regards Paul
  15. paul3944

    Wanted: Cheap Grain Mill

    Looking at buying grains in bulk to save on postage. Does anyone have a cheap grain mill lying around unused :cheers: Regards Paul
  16. paul3944

    BIAB Mash Temp consistency

    Completed my 1st BIAB last month and experienced difficulty with attaining a steady mash temperature. Brought the water up to the correct strike temp plus 3 degrees to allow for the grains. Added grains and the temp rose to almost 70c? I monitored through the the mash (90 min) stirred every 30...
  17. paul3944

    DIY Counterflow Wort Chiller

    Hi, Knocked this together yesterday with all parts from Wickes for just £60. 10m of 10mm Copper pipe into a standard hose pipe. Gave it a trial yesterday and seems to be over efficient :-o boiling water was literally luke warm once passed through the the coil. Hopefully will have my first...
  18. paul3944

    For Sale: King Keg Bottom tap

    Hi, Upgrading to Cornys so I am phasing out my King Kegs. 1x King Keg bottom tap collection preferred from Liverpool. £30 Regards Paul
  19. paul3944

    20mm Q Max cutter

    20mm Q Max cutter used. Could do with a slight sharpen with emery paper, however has just cut a perfect hole into my 40 litre Buffalo boiler :cheers: £10 posted. Regards Paul
  20. paul3944

    Buffalo 40 litre boil off rate

    Just got myself a 40 Litre Buffalo boiler for £60 from Nisbetts EBay clearance shop. :) Been fiddling with Beersmith Mobile in preparation for my first brew and have created a equipment profile to get me going which I will adjust in due course. Can anyone give me a good starting point to...