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  1. paul3944

    Crusty deposits in my SS conical FV

    I've used TSP in the past and is recommended by SS Brewtech. £3 for 500g on ebay.
  2. paul3944

    Grain Mills - What's Your Experience?

    I've got one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Homebrew-Grain-Processor-Grain-Crusher-Stainless-3-Roller-Malt-Mill-Grain-Mill/362648099437 Very sturdy and heavy. I think its made in the Czech Republic but its an almost replica of the Bulldog mills
  3. paul3944

    Brewery Electric Control Panel

    Are you following a UK specific wiring diagram? I looked at the 240v write up over at the Electric Brewery however it’s a couple of years old now and has pages of comments with all kinds of variations. Are you able to give a ballpark figure in cost of parts to assemble your panel less labour...
  4. paul3944

    Brewery Electric Control Panel

    Has anyone got any experience of building a panel or where to buy one already assembled? I’m looking at a electric 3 vessel setup however there is no control panel. I’m just trying to work out how much a panel would cost and any special requirements ie upgraded supply from the fusebox. Thanks
  5. paul3944

    SS Brewtech Unitank Temp Control

    From what I have read this would fit your requirements. I'm looking at picking up Unitank myself once back in stock in the UK. I'm going to use a Maxi Cooler for chilling side of it and maybe some brew belts for the heating all controlled by a Wifi Inkbird controller
  6. paul3944

    Wanted: Beer Gun Filler

    Got one now. Thanks
  7. paul3944

    Fermenting under pressure to carbonate

    Do some yeasts fare better than others under pressure? I see there is a specific High pressure yeast (expensive to others) however I’ve seen a video where 34/70 produced a clean looking pilsner style under pressure.
  8. paul3944

    Wanted: Beer Gun Filler

    Hi, In need of a decent Beer Gun, seems all the usual retailers are sold out. I don’t fancy a cheap Chinese that would probably fall yo boys. Thanks Paul
  9. paul3944

    1x Full Size Corny Keg, 1x Half Size Corny Keg, Immersion Heaters... Regulator

    I’ll send you a PM regarding the full-size corny and Reg. Thanks Paul
  10. paul3944

    BrewZilla 65l Max Output

    Hi, Can any confirm what the maximum output can be achieved from the BrewZilla 65L? The manufacturer states it is capable of double batches. I’m curious to what owners have managed to squeeze out of it in one session, basically I’m looking to fill 3x corny kegs from one session.
  11. paul3944

    FS Blichmann Beer Gun £60 inc post

    Is this still for sale?
  12. paul3944

    SS Brewtech Chronical Neoprene Jacket

    SS brewtech Chronical Neoprene Jacket for sale. Brand new Bought in error when i was after the Brew bucket jacket. £20 delivered
  13. paul3944

    Brew Bucket Temp Control - FTS Query

    Some good bits of info here, thank you. Definitely gave me some food for thought acheers.
  14. paul3944

    Brew Bucket Temp Control - FTS Query

    Many thanks for the quick reply! I seen a similar setup mentioned on a American forum however there where concerns about risks off electrocution from the stainless steel body? I imagine the FTS upgrade is the same principle as a brew belt. Do you have the neoprene jacket as well to aide with...
  15. paul3944

    Brew Bucket Temp Control - FTS Query

    The temps in my garage have dropped considerably over the last few days, and I was considering some kind of temperature control (heating) for my SS Brewtech Brew Bucket. Is it possible to just the OEM (FTS) heating kit without using the cooling kit and all kinds of pipework? My garage is about...
  16. paul3944

    For Sale: FastFerment conical fermenter

    NOW SOLD Thanks Paul
  17. paul3944

    For Sale: FastFerment conical fermenter

    It's all yours mate. Are you able to collect possibly over the weekend? Regards Paul
  18. paul3944

    For Sale: FastFerment conical fermenter

    Will take £40 for this. Need to free up some room in my garage :(
  19. paul3944

    For Sale: FastFerment conical fermenter

    Thought this would of sold instantly for £45. :)
  20. paul3944

    For Sale: FastFerment conical fermenter

    Hi, Up for grabs is a well used FastFerment conical fermenter. It has the temp gauge and also the spigot modification for sampling. I will throw in my homemade wooden frame so you can place it anywhere. �£45 collected from Liverpool Regards Paul