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    Leaving out chemicals in wine kits

    I make Kenridge kits and we tend to polish the lot off in a month, I can never make enough to age it! Recently I've realised that I have a few food intolerances, and one of those seems to be sulfites. I have a reaction from anything containing them, from fruit squash to preserved meat...
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    Glass carboy v plastic covered glass fermenter?

    Hi Guy I'm sure this has been discussed before but I can't see anything specific. I've been making 30 btl Kenridge classic kits in just plastic bins for about a year now with great success. However with the last few batches, I've had sediment collecting on the walls of the bucket. I'm...
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    Help with Kenridge Classic Shiraz Kit

    Hi All, I've got a situation that I'm not quite sure what to do with..... It's my first 30 Bottle kit so I'm justifiably worried! Gone thorough primary fermentation, racked into new FV under airlock. Day 22 it said check fermentation had stopped before continuing, SG should be .995 or less and...
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    Steven from Leeds

    Hi all. Newbie but oldie, used to brew beer with dad and grandad, just getting into doing wine, mainly because I'm sick of the columbard Chardonnay we've been drinking and wine is our biggest spend! I've got on the go: ginger wine, wow made with rgj and apple and blackurrant, banana and date...