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    Minimum percentage in a grain bill?

    When building a recipe is there a minimum % for any given grain? e.g. no point ever having less than say 5% of the bill as it will have no effect. I guess the answer is that it depends what you are trying to achieve - my specific situation is I want to add some wheat to a recipe to help with...
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    Fermentation Fridge to maintain mash temp?

    Has anyone ever used a fermentation fridge to maintain their mash temperature? Instead of using a converted cool box etc I'm thinking of just using a regular bottling pail (30 L) and popping in the brew fridge with the temp set to 65. Any obvious reasons why this wouldn't work?
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    Simple AG IPA recipe for a newbie - 10 Litres

    Hello all - very new here and looking for some advice. I want to do my first all grain brew. Out of preference I would like to make it as close to an IPA as possible and not too weak. There are some awesome looking recipes out there but as it is my first AG I wanted to keep it simple and if...