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  1. Rich Moyes

    FM42 - Old Rhine - yeast for Kolsch

    Hi all Has anyone used the FM42 vials? https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/fm42-old-rhine/ I have not used this before, but pitched 2 vials 24 hours ago and nothing, not even a hint of it working yet. The wort was cooled to 16'c and then placed in temp controlled fridge at 16'c. my...
  2. Rich Moyes

    Gas Leak.

    Morning all. Recently i have had the dreaded feeling of going to pour a pint and realising that i must have had a small leak somewhere as i have no C02 left. I had just brewed 2 beers for xmas, and thrown them into the kegs and connected the gas, checked it a day later and all was OK, went...
  3. Rich Moyes

    PSI control

    Morning all yesterday i set up one of my kegs for the first time having bought the premium set form BKT (https://brewkegtap.co.uk/collections/featured-collection/products/premium-kegerator-kit-2-kegs) The question i have is, how do you control the PSI. Yes, there is the twist tap on the Co2...
  4. Rich Moyes

    Moving to AG.

    Afternoon all. I have now done roughly 7 or 8 kits and well and truely got the bug, I am looking at buying a grainfather or Klarstein and move to AG. I am happy to take the hit financially, but my real question is....Is the beer any better than the kits? can you immediatley notice the better...
  5. Rich Moyes

    Greetings from a newbie

    Hi I started brewing 8 weeks ago or so, first kit didn’t last long, 2nd went just as quick. I then bought another FV and decided to build stocks....done and drank a St. Peter Ruby Red, St Peters Golden Ale. Currently got a coppers IPA in the bottle, Woodfordes reserve and another Ruby red out...