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  1. Baz Chaz

    Back to brewing

    Funny when you've had a break, the enthusiasm seems to be even greater! Welcome back buddy.
  2. Baz Chaz

    Got a water report, now the hard bit!

    @buddsy Already been reading through the posts by @strange-steve .... going to have another go at them tomorrow ! Edited bit ..... Next morning .... have had another read through the posts by @strange-steve - not as scary as first seemed! Our water quality seems pretty good, just need to make...
  3. Baz Chaz

    Got a water report, now the hard bit!

    The summary was enough for me ..... @Horners ... I've just looked at the full report version after your post..... sorry, chemistry was never a strong point .... My current method, brew beer, bottle beer, taste beer, beer good .... carry on brewing, not failed me yet in nigh on 50 years ! I was...
  4. Baz Chaz

    Got a water report, now the hard bit!

    Just got this report from United Utilities, we get our water from Haweswater Reservoir, just need to work out how to interpret it! Checking out the beginners guide, could be a long evening, pouring beer shortly! Analysis Typical value UK/EU limit Units Hardness Level Soft Hardness...
  5. Baz Chaz

    Bulk Priming sugar per litre Help please !

    Batch/bulk prime, much better way of doing instead of having to prime each bottle thumb. I don't like highly carbonated beer, so I prime mine at 2 or 3 g per litre. I experimented some years ago, tried priming half a dozen bottles at different rates, even to silly high rates and left the...
  6. Baz Chaz

    Shaving brushes

    Shaving is something I do every day, a number of years ago I was told buy decent kit and it'll repay dividends. Glad I did, at that time shaving was causing irritation, but sorted that out with decent razor, blades, brush and shaving cream. Have a couple of Edwin Jagger razors Brushes, (have...
  7. Baz Chaz

    In praise of wheat beer

    Carrying on with my 15 litre brews, more experimenting, havent put my order in yet so might even change it and do a couple of wheat beers. Haven't started playing with the software yet for ibu/abv, but not too bitter and ABV around 5% I think.
  8. Baz Chaz

    In praise of wheat beer

    Been thinking about a wheat beer for a while, this thread has some pretty straightforward recipes.... would appreciate feedback on my planned recipe please. Looking for a pale wheat beer. 50% Europils malt 50% Wheat malt SAAZ @ 1.5 g per litre 60 mins Hallerttaur Mittelfruh @ 2 g per litre 60...
  9. Baz Chaz

    Using a steam cleaner to sanitise bottles

    In view of the bottles already being clean, I would think that would be a good alternative, especially at that heat !
  10. Baz Chaz

    Fermenting fridge - is this OK?

    I'd taken out the shelves in my brewfridge to clean them and one of the plastic supporting lugs snapped, not much pressure on it, just went. Luckily had some 5mm right angle beading left over from a job. Replaced all the plastic bits, it must simply deteriorate over time.
  11. Baz Chaz

    Storing kit pouches

    Lallemand recommend storing yeast <4°c Hops once opened, put them in the freezer, until then just cool dry cupboard.
  12. Baz Chaz

    Fermentation Temp

    If you can keep it between 19 - 21 that really won't be a problem. I was at the mercy of fluctuating temps before I got the 'brewfridge' sorted, didn't 'lose'any brews before that, but you had to keep an eye on for when fermentation finished!
  13. Baz Chaz

    Bottle labels

    The Plastic labels are a pain, don't soak them, fill bottle with boiling water, it melts the glue.
  14. Baz Chaz

    Bored of NEIPA

    The biggest advantage I've found of smaller batches is the opportunity to try out different brews, as brewing itself is a big part of the fun. The front of my 'brew book' contains a list of 'go to' brews. 'House' - Bitter - Pale Ale - and their variations. The list does get added to, but not...
  15. Baz Chaz

    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    15 litres of Pale Ale. v 3 Total 19672 litres
  16. Baz Chaz

    How much sugar in a bottle, for priming?

    I batch prime at 3g per litre, much quicker and easier than adding sugar to each bottle.
  17. Baz Chaz

    Speed Up Carbing?

    The advantage of smaller batches, brew more often and build up a stock. I'm another that struggles with patience, when I bottle a brew I bottle a couple of 330ml 'testers' one after a week and the other after 10 or 11 days. Quite funny, I'm keen to test, then once I know roughly where it's...
  18. Baz Chaz

    Halving recipes advice

    I moved from my standard 23 litre brewing to 15 litres, I use brewing software which makes it easy to simply change the recipe from 23 litres to whatever amount you want to brew. Literally click on the 23 litre box and change to 15, amounts adjusted automatically. Found the advantages are...
  19. Baz Chaz

    How many units per week. [POLL]

    @ ChilledGecko Nice one buddy, glad you've managed to 'beat the clock' long may it continue.
  20. Baz Chaz

    Healthy drinking

    Thanks Doive & Old Geezer, I have every confidence we are going to beat this bugger, the point if my post was just how much of a better chance I have after losing the weight! Just back in from an hour and a half walk, continuing with my plan, which incidentally might just involve a beer this...