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  1. Baz Chaz

    Got a water report, now the hard bit!

    Just got this report from United Utilities, we get our water from Haweswater Reservoir, just need to work out how to interpret it! Checking out the beginners guide, could be a long evening, pouring beer shortly! Analysis Typical value UK/EU limit Units Hardness Level Soft Hardness...
  2. Baz Chaz

    Weekend brew plan

    Going to brew again over the weekend, keeping up with my plan of a brewing smaller batches every 2 weeks! This weekends recipe for a 15 litre brew 2 kg Golden Promise 1 kg Pale Ale malt 350g Marris otter (end of bag) 150g Wheat malt 100g Crystal 50g Caramalt 40g Brewers Gold @ 60 10g...
  3. Baz Chaz

    Quick fermentation

    Not quite sure what's going on but my brews seem to be fermenting quicker! I know why two of them went quickly, used the Kveik Voss yeast ... The pale ale which I brewed on Friday 24th OG was 1.045 Yesterday evening Mon 27th gravity was 1.008 ! Yeast was Lallemands Nottingham I only...
  4. Baz Chaz

    Orange Citra

    Just had to brew today, just finished my brew 'cabinet', wife wanted a new fridge for utility room/kitchen refurb, so I got the old fridge to play with. 15 litre batch 2.7 kg Marris otter 100g crystal 150 100g wheat malt 10g citra pellet @ 60 mins/15mins/flame out 15g orange peel Kveik voss...
  5. Baz Chaz

    Changing styles of hops/beer.

    A talking point as much as anything, I took some beers round to neighbours last night, BBQ time, not the first time I've taken my beers along! But the reaction to last nights offering was very different! Seems peoples tastes are changing, 'bitter beer' is not as popular as it used to be? The...
  6. Baz Chaz

    Beer goes with......?

    Bit cool, windy and wet today, my OH made a fabulous beef casserole (yes I know, it's July!) followed by cheese and biscuits. Now we've been lucky enough to have eaten in some very special restaurants in a few places around the world, but yet again, simple straightforward good food, cooked at...
  7. Baz Chaz

    Small batches and yeast.

    Returning to brewing after a break, just brewed 23 ltr of Hobgoblin clone at weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed the brew day, but found lugging stuff around a bit arduous, getting on in years now! Seriously thinking of going to smaller volumes, which would help in many ways, half batches = less weight...
  8. Baz Chaz

    Been a while

    Been a while since I was around, not very active brewing wise really, a lot of other things going on. Having said that, I had a rather entertaining brew day back in about September when our son was visiting, he wanted a brew day :thumb: He's taking brewing up, admittedly in small batches, he...
  9. Baz Chaz

    It's been a while

    Hi Gang I've not been around for some time, in fact so long I got a reminder email saying you've missed me :D I've rarely brewed due to ill health, (both me and OH) although the 'Den Brewery' is well stocked, due to lack of drinking :( Will make the effort to call in more often ;)...
  10. Baz Chaz

    Overnight mash

    So as not to upset Evanvines 'mash n boil poll', I'll ask the question here .... Overnight mash, been considering it along with 60 min boil the following day :hmm: So overnight mash, how do you do yours and any observations :?:
  11. Baz Chaz

    DIY my 'arris !

    I hate DIY programmes on the telly, women watch ‘em and see an hour long programme and in it they knock down an old house, replace it with a ten bedroomed mansion, plaster paint and decorate it, all in a one hour programme. The problem is women think that we mere mortals, on our own can sort...
  12. Baz Chaz

    Domestic bottling plant

    Ok a bit tongue in cheek, Barking Baz's bottling plant ........ Open front of dishwasher to form shelf for holding bottles and drip tray for catching drips Place the container with beer to be bottled above the dishwasher here's the major modification that requires seconds of work, take a...
  13. Baz Chaz

    Hoppy new year, 2013's first brew, go on then, some piccys!

    It's not too cold out, dry and sunny in fact, so the boilers on and the grain weighed :party: Will put the recipe on when the mash tuns full and warmly wrapped up for its 90 min festering 8-) going to be along the lines of Jennings Cumberland Ale with a dose of extra late hops ...
  14. Baz Chaz

    For the 'technophobes' amongst us .... ipads !

    Anyone else got an ipad :wha: Don't worry about the sound/foreign language, just watch :rofl: clicky
  15. Baz Chaz

    John Smiths watered down ???

    Well it thought it was funny for several reasons :wha: Clicky Home brewing rules :thumb: :lol:
  16. Baz Chaz

    De icing the car

    Here's a question for the forum members to ponder over, de-icing the car :hmm: My car has a heated windscreen so a couple of minutes and its OK, but MrsC's older car has always been left engine running and scraped when needed! I saw a guy the other day de-ice his car with a jug of warm...
  17. Baz Chaz

    Healthy living ???

    There’s a new Chinese GP at the surgery - I like his philosophy Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it... Don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live...
  18. Baz Chaz

    New thermometer required

    Need a new thermometer, preferrably one that will bounce :oops: Any recommendations please :?:
  19. Baz Chaz

    Frosty brewday

    Decided needed something nutty brown (I know, nutty, very appropriate for me :!: ) for a winters ale :idea: forgot I'd done a Riggwelter, which I'd brewed back in MAY :shock: came across the bottles last night when I was ratching around 'the den' and suddenly realised what #21 was ...
  20. Baz Chaz

    Can anyone tell me ............

    Do sperm donors get cash in hand :?: :whistle: :rofl: