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  1. Junglist69

    Bourgogne des Flandres

    I had this beer whilst out in Bruges a couple of years back, really couldn't get enough of it. Was in a pub called Delaney's, been there a few times. Lovely Irish pub, very friendly, great atmosphere. Great food. Anyways, does anyone know of a clone recipe or a recipe of something similar? Any...
  2. Junglist69

    Merky Trump IPA

    First attempt at putting a recipe together. Basically, using ingredients I've got left over from my first 6 brews. And maybe purchasing a couple of extras to make a theme work. Which if you haven't guessed by the politically motivated name is a German and American cross over. I was gonna do a...
  3. Junglist69

    It's my birthday and I'll brew if I want to

    So tomorrow I turn 33. I've taken the day off work, to try and do 3 brews in a day special. I've started this thread more of a reminder to myself as to recipes ingredients and an easy place to keep everything noted down. Feel free to join in or leave me to bang on by meself. 've been brewing...